Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Healing Yourself

Is it possible to heal yourself by using your mind?

The answer to this is a definite yes.  But at the same time I should qualify the answer.

Firstly, healing with your mind should be an integral part of a holistic approach.  The approach should include an appropriate lifestyle, including eating healthily and exercising appropriately.  It should also include your medical team, assuming we are talking about a medical issue (you will see later that “healing” can be a much wider concept than simply dealing with medical problems).  “Medical team” may mean just your doctor, but for more complex situations it may also include a number of specialists.  Never assume that because you are taking a natural approach and also using the healing power of your mind you can afford to ignore proper medical advice.  You should also make sure your medical team are aware of the other strands within your holistic approach.

Secondly, not everyone will be able to heal every condition.  If you have, for example, been diagnosed with terminal cancer do not assume you will be able to confound your doctors by completely healing that cancer and going on to live to a ripe old age.  You may be able to do just that.  But do not be disappointed if you find you do not have the ability to do it.  Somewhere deep inside each of us is such an ability, but we can each only access it to a certain degree.

This seems like a very negative start, but it is important to clarify these two points before doing anything else.

Having dealt with the negatives, do not now let them cloud your thinking.  If you start with the assumption that you will not be able to heal yourself one thing is certain – you will be right!  Having made sure you are taking all the other appropriate steps, and having accepted that nothing in this universe is certain, take a very positive view.  Recognize that it is only when you have a positive view that you can work the miracles that the universe wants you to work.

Healing is not about “fighting illness”.  It is about recognizing the perfect being the Universe wants you to be and allowing that “real you” to shine through.  In some cases that will mean you are negating illnesses so that they disappear, but in other cases it may mean allowing negative attitudes and emotions to disappear, accepting improvements to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state etc.

There are many different ways of approaching the healing process.  The method I prefer is to focus on the Light that represents the Universe made manifest within you.  I begin by imagining my mind moving upwards, right up to the stars, and finding the true source of everything – which appears to me as a kind of ball of light.  I merge my mind with that ball of light and then bring it right back down so it is now centred in my body.  Now I sit quietly for a while, basking in the Light within me, the Light that is the power of the Universe.

When I am ready to move on I focus on the particular healing task I have chosen.  This must always be framed in a positive way, not a negative one.  Here, the approach used by Émile Coué is helpful.  For example, using the very generic “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

While you are doing this, feel the Light within you expanding.  First filling your whole body with light.  This alone will transform you and allow the Light to begin working its miracles.  Feel it flowing through all your blood vessels, penetrating every space in your body.  Feel a deep sense of gratitude to the Universe for the way this makes you feel and for the healing you are receiving.

Finish the exercise by feeling the Light expanding out beyond you.  Let it grow and grow until eventually it fills the whole Universe – which is the reality anyway, as that Light and the Universe are one.  Now you and the Universe are one.  Which means you have all the power of the Universe.  All that power to achieve just a very small healing.

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