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How to Let Go: The 4 People You Must Forgive


Brian Tracy

There are four people you need to forgive if you are serious about changing your life and learning how to live in the now.

The first are your parents, living or dead. You must absolutely forgive them for every mistake they ever made in bringing you up. At the very least, you should be grateful to them for giving you life. They got you here. If you are happy to be alive, you can forgive them for everything else. Never complain about them again.

Many of my seminar participants have phoned or visited their parents and told them that they forgive them for everything. Often this simple act of courage and character has had a profound effect on their relationship with their mother or father. From that day onward, they have become good friends, which lasted the rest of their lives together.

On the other hand, by not forgiving your parents, you remain forever a child. You block your own chance to grow up and become a fully functioning adult. You continue to see yourself as a victim. Even worse, you keep your negative feelings of inferiority and anger alive. If your parents die without your having forgiven them, it can bother you for the rest of your life.

The second person or persons you must forgive are the people from your marriages or relationships that didn’t work out. These intimate relationships can be so intense, and so threatening to your feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, that you can be angry and unforgiving toward those people for years.

But you were at least partially responsible. Have the personal strength and integrity to say, “I am responsible,” and then forgive the other person and let him or her go. Say the words, “I forgive him/her for everything and I wish him/her well.” Each time you repeat this, the negative emotion attached to the memory will diminish. Soon it will be gone forever.

Many of my graduates have found that “the letter” is the key to putting a bad relationship behind them forever. This is a powerful technique that can free you from feelings of anger and resentment almost instantly.

Here is how it works: You to sit down and write the other person a letter of forgiveness. It consists of three parts.

First you say, “I forgive you for everything you ever did that hurt me.”

Second, you write out a description or list of every single thing that you are still mad about. Some people write several pages in this part.

Third, you end the letter with the words, “I wish you well.”

You then take the letter to the mailbox and drop it in. At that moment, you will feel a huge sense of relief, and you will be free at last.

By the way, don’t worry about how the other person might react. That is not your concern. Your goal is to free yourself, to regain your peace of mind, and to get on with the wonderful life that lies ahead of you.

The third person you must forgive is everyone else in your life who has ever hurt you in any way. Let them go. Forgive every boss, business partner, friend, crook or betrayer who has ever caused you grief of any kind. Clean the slate and forgive to forget. Wipe each of their names and images off by saying, “I forgive him/her for everything, and I wish him/her well.” Repeat this statement each time you think of the person or situation until the negative feelings are gone.

The fourth and final person you have to forgive is yourself. You must absolutely forgive yourself for every silly, senseless, wicked, brainless, thoughtless or cruel thing you have ever done or said. Stop carrying these past mistakes around with you. That was then and this is now.

Think of it this way. When you did those things in the past that you still feel badly about, you were not the person you are today. At that time, you were a different person, younger and less experienced. You were not your true self. You were an immature version of the person you have become with experience. Stop beating yourself up for something that occurred in the past that you cannot change.

Just say, “I forgive myself for every mistake I ever made. I am a thoroughly good person and I am going to have a wonderful future.” Whenever you think of that event or situation, just repeat, “I forgive myself completely.” And then get on with your life. Focus on the future rather than the past and don’t look back. Look at where you are going rather than where you have been.

Finally, if you did something that hurt someone, and you still feel badly about it, you can go to that person, or write, and apologize. Tell the person you are sorry for what you did or said. Whatever his or her reaction, positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. The very act of repentance, of expressing regret, will set you free.

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Improve Your Mind Power

Improve Mind Power Through These Natural And Simple Methods


J Wall

There are some simple, yet effective methods to improve mind power. Using these tools will impact your mind several times more than the amount of effort it requires to use them. They are also something you can do anytime and anywhere.

A crossword a day is a great tool for improving mind power and keeping age related decline away. Studies have shown that people who do some sort of mind puzzle or game tend to retain their cognitive abilities or even increase them well into their later years. Crosswords are a great tool that doesn't require a lot of time but actively works important parts of the brain that control thinking and recall.

You can do crosswords on the bus or train, while eating lunch or even during commercials while watching your evening TV programs. However, to make the most of them it is important to do them frequently, at least a couple times a week. Like regular exercise for the body, the mind works better when it is exercised regularly.

You can also improve mind power by what music you choose to listen to during the week. There seems to be a link between those who listen to complex music like Classical or perhaps even Jazz and increases in the brain's ability to do complex processes like math, logic problems, etc. Music of a complex structure works a number of areas of the brain effectively. Again, this is something you can do even in the background while performing other tasks.

Another tool is memorization. Memorizing your favorite poem, new vocabulary words, etc. also strengthens pathways in the brain and makes them more effective. Aside from improving mind power in general it also improves recall and if you are memorizing words....increases communication skills.

With memorization it is important that you use repetition, not just initially, but even after we've memorized something it is critical to go back and repeat it occasionally. Not only is repetition usually the way we memorize things, it also creates larger neural connections. Those larger connections are helpful in establishing better recall and improving mind power.

You can improve mind power through learning new skills as well. This is another two-for-one deal. If you already have something you are dying to learn...a new sport, dancing, or how to paint not only gain a new skill that you can use and enjoy you build up your mind as well. The process of learning new things keeps the mind fresh and helps retain ability as we age.

Eating right is another way to improve mind power. Healthy eating...getting more fruits and vegetables and lowering important in helping the brain to operate efficiently. Getting the right vitamins and minerals allows the brain to create important enzymes and neurotransmitters as well as fight off cellular decline and aging. Making a few changes in our diets will yield huge benefits.

However, if we can't get the right nutrients from our diet or if the foods you buy are nutrient deficient due to heavy farming or modern processing techniques you might want to consider a dietary supplement. Supplements are an easy way to boost your intake of nutrients and can often make up for what we're missing in our diets.

Using these steps to improve mind power is not something that takes a whole lot of time. All it really takes is willingness and commitment. The rewards are a stronger mind that will function longer as you age. None of us wants to have our minds give out early in our later years, so it is important that we take steps now to protect our cognitive abilities and strengthen our brains.

J. Wall has an avid interest in natural remedies for the treatment of memory loss. He is a regular contributor to the Improving Mind Power section of, a site dedicated to improving mental ability and cognitive function.

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Chi Gong: The Cultivation of Inner Energy for Health, Wealth and Wisdom


Deva Roberts

Energy in our body is like water. An example is that water tends to flow downward like water flowing downstream. In order to have the energy within us flowing up, we must convert the energy into positive energy, which will then flow upward or in a positive direction. We do this by expanding our consciousness upward toward the universe. The process is known as Inner Alchemy because we changing one energy to another. Alchemists of yore were also trying to convert one thing to another. We know that they were trying to change base metal into gold. And modern chemists are always changing elements into others. By using our mind plus specific exercises and meditations we can change the negative energies (emotions and thoughts) into positive energy and also increase the amount of positive energy at our disposal. Psychology has shown us how damaging negative thoughts can be and how beneficial positive thoughts can be. For example, just talking with a friend who is depressed can change their mental state into a to a positive one. Or a person whose blood pressure rises on account of being angry, when calm, the blood pressure returns to a healthy normal. There are many other examples. If we learn to use conscious awareness and the mind to influence the energy flows within us, we can transform negatives to positives and also increase the positive. That positive energy can then be used to transform our lives into success, good health and prosperity.

One example to show that the mind can control the flow of energy in the body is to make a fist with the left hand and then open the left hand in succession about 12 times and release - you will a tingling sensation in that hand. Now with your mind transfer the same sensation to your right hand. You know how to do it. In a matter of seconds your right hand feels the blood flow like that of your left hand. You have used your mind to direct the flow of energy, Chi, to your right hand. So through intention and mind power you are directing the Chi. This is basically how we create or turn negative energy to positive energy. Think and it will happen.

One of the major theories of Taoist health practices or Qi Gong (pronounced "Chi Gong") is to relax and rest the upper mind/brains (in the head and heart), called the observation mind and conscious mind and use the lower mind/brain (in the gut), called the awareness mind, located in the abdominal area or the Lower Tan Tien. The ancient Taoist discovered that when they lowered the upper mind to the lower minds they awakened the consciousness and awareness. They also discovered that they could connect with the universe through meditation and become aware of how the universal energies are working. Scientists have confirmed that the intestinal area is energetic and similar to the brain. We can understand and experience "gut instincts" and feel emotions through this center. We experience a stomachache, or butterflies, and if we worry too much we can possibly develop an acid stomach. If anyone has ever studied reflexology they know that there are reflex points in the abdomen that correspond to all the organs of the body just like the brain has connection points from the nervous system to all the organs. In this way we can see that the brain and intestines are similar and intimately connected. It is also interesting to note that scientists have discovered that the intestinal villi hold an electrical charge. (The brain also holds energy as an electrical charge.) The villi are small hair-like fibers on the intestinal wall that help to move the materials through it. So the largest organs of the body also store energy. It is also very important to keep the intestines healthy by ingesting a lot of fiber and having normal bowel movements. With our intestines emptied the energy or Chi flows more smoothly. This area surrounding the navel is a storehouse for Chi or energy gathered from the Universe. Once one learns how to rest the upper Tan Tien or brain in the head and use the lower brain more, then everything becomes easier. Therefore, cultivation of energy in the lower Tan Tien is one of the most important techniques to learn and there are many ways to do this. Before the advent of medical science the Taoists realized that the abdominal area can be used to store Chi or universal energy. For thousands of years exercises and meditation have been developed to store more energy there and in other organs as well. There is another way to store energy in the body and that is in the form of fat. That energy is good to a degree but is not an infinite source and is generally not an acceptable storage place for most people.

In the Taoists teachings we also have information that the heart is also considered another brain that has the capacity to think. We have all heard the expressions to think with our heart (especially in relation to love) and not with our head. There are many songs and poetry written about the capacity of heart to feel love. A famous example of the heart storing thought comes from the book called the "Hearts Code" by Paul Pearsal, Ph.D. This book contains the story of an 8 year-old girl who received the transplanted heart of a murder victim. The 8 year old, after her transplant, started having nightmares about the murder of her donor who she had never met. With this information, as well as a composite drawing of the killer, the police were able to apprehend the killer.

Just like we have at our command our other "brains," we can also have two lungs and two hearts. With exercise and meditation we can increase blood flow, oxygen flow and lymphatic flow. And it is not very difficult to do. One technique is called "Laughing Qi Gong." We can activate the glands, circulatory and lymphatic systems by conscious directed laughing. The purpose of the Thymus gland is to manufacture killer T Cells or T lymphocytes that act to prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body. And all we need to do is laugh to activate them. This also expands the diaphragm that helps distribute more oxygen. By laughing the Aorta and Vena Kava pump more blood throughout the body thereby helping to relieve the heart and lungs from working so hard. Laughing also stimulates the Lymphatic system in the abdomen to produce more lymphocytes and circulate the lymph so that it moves more freely within the body. If the lymphatic system is not working correctly or clogged with impurities then we open ourselves up to various diseases in which cancer is the worst. There are many lymph ducts connected to the intestines. So if we are not careful as to what we ingest, then that could also cause trouble to the lymphatic system. The Spleen, the most important organ of the lymphatic system, along with the bone marrow, produces Lymphocytes (white blood cells) that are essential for immunity against different disease. The lymphatic system is also known as the immune system. Healthy bones are very important too. The intestines connected with the circulatory system take these Lymphocytes and change them into B-Lymphocytes that create antibodies against specific foreign organisms and bacteria. So by doing a belly laugh we help the immune system to stimulate production of the B-Lymphocytes. We have heard that "laughter is the best medicine." This Taoist way to good health has been practiced for thousands of years and we have seen that Taoists masters have lived healthy lives well into the 100's and beyond.

In esoteric Qi Gong meditations we may also use the energies that exist in the universe for positive effect. By turning the consciousness inwardly we can become aware of everything that is out side of us. We become aware of the not only the energy of the earth, but that of the moon, planets, sun and stars also. Everyone knows that the moon has a dramatic effect on earth by turning the tides and the sun obviously warms the earth with tremendous energy. But according to Taoist tradition the planets, stars and cosmic particles also have energetic effect. We just need become aware of it. Awareness means putting our attention to it - like we did in the hand squeezing exercise. And we also must become aware of the nature of the universe. The earth is, the planets are and sun is also spinning around the universe. These are scientific facts. The earth is rotating or spinning on its axis at 1000 miles per hour. We are rotating or spinning around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. Astrophysicists have concluded that our solar system is spinning around the Polestar at approx. 300 kilometers per second. And we do not feel like we are moving at all. Why? It is because the faster we travel the less we notice it. An example would be an airplane traveling at 500 miles per hour. Our minds do not perceive we are traveling that fast and we actually feel a sense of stillness. So the Taoist theory is "the faster we spin, the more still or peaceful we become." So we are concerned with dynamic energies that are either spinning or moving. The heart is pumping, the electrons are spinning, and the cells in the body are constantly forming new cells. So in active Chi Kung meditations we create movement by using spinning forces within and later outside of us.

So the purpose of keeping everything within the body either moving or spinning is simple. If we keep everything energetic with movement, then we don't get sick. Everyone can understand this principle. If we don't use our or exercise our bodies then they become weak or sick. The cells become stagnant. The bones become brittle, the muscles atrophy and the organs become weak. That means the electrons are not moving. The joints don't work right. They may become stiff and we may feel pain in the form of arthritis. And it is the same for the organs in the body. A perfect example of how all energies are spinning is looking at the cosmos all the way down to the individual atoms. As I mentioned before, the galaxies and the planets are spinning. They are all spinning in their respective orbit. The cells of our body, all 655 trillion of them, are made up of atoms with spinning electrons. Our DNA is just spinning energy. Even the construction of the DNA molecule is a spiral. So within the Chi Kung meditations we learn to become aware of the spin and conscious of the spinning energies within and around us. It is very important to become of our own spinning energy. The energies around us like magnetic energy from the earth, electromagnetic energy from computers or the myriad of electronic and mechanical device affect us everyday and have the potential to cause physical and mental illness. Learning how to spin the energies, gather the energies and store the energies is basic to the Qi Gong practices. The name Qi Gong means "Energy Work." Qi (Chi) is energy. We can learn to become the mystic in control of our energies and therefore our own destiny.

Where do I find Chi and how can I access it? The answer is that it is everywhere. It is not energy like that of a burning log or an inert energy like lit fuel. It is contained in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. But it is not air, it is not water and it is not fuel. It is pure essence. It is energy of God. It is not unlike us. But what are we? Are we a body? Are we a mind? All the great spiritual traditions say we are spirit. When we die, what dies? Only the body dies. The essence of who we are is that which has left the body, the life force. So it may be said that Chi is also made up of life force, but a universal force that can be used for healing, manifesting and spiritual works. The Taoists call Chi the Primordial Force. According to them, when the Big Bang occurred from the Nothingness (Wu Chi), there arose the Primordial Force (Dark Matter) which manifested into the uncountable universes with its millions of galaxies and solar systems full of suns and planets. Modern physics has described the atom as being matter and defined as being comprised of energy (electrons, protons, neutrons and quarks) with mostly empty space. It has been calculated by astrophysicists that our universe is comprised of approximately 90% empty space. So what is this space made of? Some call it gravity or a vacuum in space. The Taoists discovered thousands of years ago the it is the original Chi (energy) of existence and it can be used for all good works. One need only know how to access it through exercises, yoga and meditation. It is free and an effective medicine. It is known as Energy Medicine - the new medical paradigm for the 21st Century. Other popular forms of energy medicine are Acupuncture, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbology, and Homeopathy, to mention a few. Chi Kung's powerful healing methodologies are becoming more recognized by traditional medical practitioners around the world. It's valuable exercise and meditation techniques are being offered as an addition to or as a complete regimen for healing where other methods have failed.

The Universe is within us. How can this be? The scientists have taken pictures of outer space. As you go observe from earth further and further into space beyond the planets, sun and stars even beyond other galaxies, there is mostly empty space. In the same way when you go inside of your body and deep into the atom there is again mostly empty space between the particles (electrons, protons, etc.) The distance between each energetic particle can be compared to the distance between two stars if their mass is taken into consideration. In this way outer space (the universe) is likened to inner space. We can use this inner space, the Universe inside of us, to circulate and store more energy or Chi in the body. And the outer space can be used to gather Chi. The Taoist masters have even gone deeper still into the inner universe through what they refer to as the "mysterious gate" to the origin the universe or the Wu Chi. They have practiced very advanced meditations for sometimes hundreds of years in order to do this. Other traditions also practice similar techniques like the advanced Buddhists or Hindus sages.

Chi Gong is an ancient system of exercises and meditations that promote good health and longevity. By using our mind combined with specific gentle, yet powerful exercises, we can change the energy of negative emotions and thoughts that are stored in our body into positive energy, thereby increasing our good health.

-- Deva Roberts is a practitioner, researcher and writer on the topics of spirituality, yoga and health. He is also an Alternative Medicine writer for the and the editor for the classical Vedic spiritual text known as the Ganesha Purana []. For further info and and access to a FREE Energy Healing Course and other Energy Healing Products please visit: The Way of website.

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When, and How Often, Should I Meditate?


Russell Hatch

The answer to this will change over time. At first you will want make sure that you do it at least once per day, and at the same time each day.

One thing that must be emphasized here and now, however, is that you must never allow anything to interrupt the consistency of your meditations.

For example, you may lead a very busy life and look at the clock only to realize that the hour you have given to meditation has come and gone, and yet you are still at work or doing something else. This is the moment to give up the other tasks you had planned for the post-meditation period and to instead do the meditation!

Yes, you may need to forgo a meal, a workout, a meeting with friends, or that hour of TV, but it is essential that you do so. This is because strong meditative skills take many months to develop, but can be seriously damaged by a few days of absence. Go ahead and sacrifice an hour of sleep or a jog in the park because the energy you devote to meditating will be far more rewarding.

As you go deeper into meditation, however, you may find yourself doing some meditative exercises a few times each day. The ultimate goal is to be in a state of witnessing 24 hours per day, but that comes after long practice. When I first started a meditation practice in my early 20's one of my teachers asked me how often I was practicing. Proudly I told him about two and a half hours every day thinking he would be happy with my dedication. He shook his head and said why not six hours a day, why not twelve? This was an enlightening moment for me seeing that it was more about how you lived throughout the day and not just the short period of time during a focused practice.

How long should I meditate?

We just discovered that there may be no "best" time of day to meditate, and there is also no "ideal" length of time to spend in meditation either.

What is true is that most people just starting to meditate will find that ten to fifteen minutes is the longest period of time that they can focus without "forcing" the issue. As they become more experienced and learn what they need to gain clarity and awareness, they can easily extend that amount of time.

Additionally, some people prefer to do their meditation like they do their daily exercise - in segments.

Thus, you may find that 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening are ideal for your needs.

Generally, like so many other facets of meditation, it is going to be up to you as the meditator to determine the most appropriate amount of time to dedicate to your practice.

We are dedicated to teaching people how to use the mind management tools from meditation to enhance their personal potential. Success in any endeavor, whether it be in art, business or athletics, requires high levels of focus and drive. Everyone can achieve fulfillment if they learn to pursue their goals with a tenacity that is natural, easy and unrelenting. A lucky few stumble upon this combination. The rest of us can cultivate it.

Learn more about our approach to applied meditation and our center in Portland.

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Achieving Goals is Predictable

I am a great fan of Brian Tracy.  He has been a student of success for over 40 years, and has passed on what he has learned by coaching thousands of men and women who have gone on to become super achievers.

In this 13 minute interview he explains his recipe for success and how achieving goals can be completely predictable.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

How I Started to Manifest Abundance


Christina T Moore

When I first learned of the Law of Attraction I was able to utilize it to completely change my life and my mind from the inside out. Every aspect of my reality was filled with misery. My emotional scale was in the red. Less than one year later everything had changed.

With the eyes of a child I saw this concept as a way out, as salvation. I began to read everything that had anything to do with the Law of Attraction. As my hunger for knowledge grew so did the information that became available to me.

The first important step to creating your own reliable process is to create a strong foundation. I did this by opening my eyes to who I AM, and take responsibility for my thoughts. That was a big undertaking! My mind was like an undisciplined and spoiled five-year old child. Moment by moment, thought by thought, feeling by feeling I guided myself to feel and think just a little bit better. That sounds trivial, but it's not. A history of negativity had me in a fast-moving spiral to nowhere. Slowly I began my addictive withdrawal process to clean up my mind.

Secondly, you must build a framework for your belief system. Do you understand who you are? You are an infinite being, the Created and the Creator. Your imagination when reinforced with emotion builds the environment you experience physically. Your feelings create a vibration that attracts similar vibrations. Hence the Law of Attraction. So if your attention to unwanted things can bring you more misery the opposite is equally true. You must also understand that you aren't creating events out of nothing. Everything that exists already exists. It is your attention to them that brings the energies into focus for your current reality.

The third concept is probably the simplest and yet the most difficult. There is nothing you have to do, but to know that your wish is already a reality. In order to experience it, you must ignore the current reality, as it is just an echo and feel the new reality before seeing it. You can do this by letting go of the thought process and fill your heart and mind with joy. Follow your highest excitement moment by moment in the smallest of ways throughout your day and keep your mind off of the absence of your manifestation. By following your excitement you will be guided by your higher mind gently and most directly on to your path.

Let me give you a personal example of how this worked for me using one of my first experiences with the Law of Attraction.

I wanted to find a new job and move as far away as I could. I set my intention as if I was asking a magic Genie for a wish. "Universe, I want to get out of here. I want a good job somewhere else." I left it and all the details up to my magic Genie. Soon I was struck by an awesome idea. I followed that idea which lead me to a contact and a job 1800 miles away from home. I had to be there in two weeks. All I did was set it and forget it until I had an inspired idea and followed it out as far as I could.

The trick to achieving instant manifestations is to keep it as fun and simple as possible. No thinking, just playing. Rub a magic lamp, make a wish. Get your mind off of it and it can happen. Only when you are joyful and inspired should you spend anytime dreaming and visualizing. Every process you choose to follow, follow it because it is fun to do.

Stay tuned for more manifestation examples and what little things I did to bring it into my reality.

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Achieve Personal Success


Jared D Ingram

We all strive for success...  But what is this success? Success, when viewed with a positive mental attitude, is a process, a journey and not a destination.

Success for the husband and wife means making their marriage work with hope that they can celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Success will mean keeping their family intact with communication lines open.

Success for a student means passing the courses in school and developing mind and talents to make a beneficial contribution to the human race.

Success for the surgeon means saving a life!

So what does success finally add up to? A diploma on the wall? A trophy in the case? Money in the bank? Professional honors? Yes, this is success, but more than this, success is being able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of the person you have become! Success is noblest when it leaves you with self respect that you have become a good steward of life, liberties, possibilities, and opportunities that God offered to you.

Achieving personal success gives you joy, real joy, when you look at yourself. As the cliche goes "Don't love the office you work for, instead love the work you do. Your office may betray you, your work wont."

The moment you fall in love with your work is the moment you can be sure of your success. Your life is in your hands, and so is success if only you try achieving it. Are we all successful in things that we do? What is keeping us from success? Why do we limit our own abilities?

The reason for failure is lack of self confidence. No matter how impossible the task may seem, self-confidence is the seed for success. Success is analyzing, recognizing, visualizing, mobilizing and energizing our possibilities and seeing them turn into realities.

The first step towards achieving your personal success is to frame a goal which is long term. Visualize yourself after 10 years. How and where do you want yourself to be? This clears your mind of any doubts you may have. The next step is to frame short term goals, goals that lead the way towards the main objective. Take a goal, make it your life. Dream of it, breathe it, live it... And don't fail to love it. "Be the change you want to see". Seek pleasures in small and beautiful things around you, yet don't get immersed. Stay focused on your vision.  If you do this, success is all yours. Dare to dream the impossible. Yet work to turn your dreams into reality. Dreamers who become doers operate emotionally and rationally with self confidence. When opportunity meets preparedness the outcome is called "luck", but don't rely on that all your life. Take a goal, make it your life, dream of it, and achieve personal success.

With these simple but powerful approaches you can bid goodbye to failures and hello to success.