Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dream the Impossible

Every morning while I do my online work I can see a poster my sister gave me for Christmas, which now has pride of place above my computer desk.  It reads:

"Dream the Impossible.  Seek the Unknown.  Achieve Greatness."

To me, that is a great part of what life is all about.  We are not just here to be here - we are here to achieve.

For each of us, that dream will be very different.  But whatever that dream means for you, dream it - and achieve it!

You may sometimes give up hope that you can ever achieve it.  When you apply logic to your dream it really seems impossible, so why try?  But this world is filled with people who have achieved the impossible.  It doesn't matter that it seems impossible to you now - if it really is your dream, then go out and fight for it!

As Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh said in their beautiful song, composed for the Broadway musical, "Man of La Mancha", if you are true to your quest you really can make this world a better place!

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest, to follow that star
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
To be willing to give when there's no more to give
To be willing to die so that honor and justice may live

And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I'm laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

3 Lies You Tell Yourself About Money


Andrew A. Block

Did you know that your attitude toward money affects many different aspects of your life. How you feel about money and wealth affects not only the amount of money a person tends to accumulate but also how happy they are in life. Changing the way you look at income, investing and wealth can literally change your life as well as make you a happier person, in general.

We are all brought up in a society where we are taught many different things concerning money and wealth. Your parents, teachers and society didn't mean to warp your mind or harm you but there are several thoughts that most of us feel are true without even thinking about it. These teachings might be somewhat true but they are taken a bit out of context.

First, the belief that you need money to make money is sometimes taken a gospel truth. If you feel that you are doomed to the social class or tax bracket that you currently inhabit, this might be a belief that you hold to be true. You see wealthy people who are able to invest large sums in stock and business ventures. They reap big rewards and a loss is only a small sum of what they own so it barely phases them.

While it might be true that it's easier to invest large sums of money and lose large sums and still survive for the world's wealthiest individuals, everybody had to start somewhere. Most of the world's most successful people started with nothing or lost everything and had to rebuild their empire a time or two. Belief, desire and a dream were their leverage and it can be the same for you if. It is often their thoughts or vision that make them their wealth and not simply investing in the right stocks or businesses.

Next, many of us believe that in order for us to make large sums of money, it must come from someone else. We believe that wealth is a zero sum game. This means that in order for us to have something it must be taken away from someone else. We become rich while someone else becomes poor. If we have any sort of heart or soul, this can be troubling and it can cause you to subconsciously resist wealth and money.

The truth is that wealth comes more often when you help other people. The world will gladly fill your pockets if you can solve some of their biggest problems. If you can build a better mouse trap or find a way to provide value or save people time and effort then the world will beat a path to your door. Greed demands that we take from others. Wealth is about helping others and providing value and making lives easier and happier.

The last lie that we have all been told is that money is the root of all evil. Most of us have heard this and been taught it since we were children. You might even despise wealthy people and their apparent greediness. In your mind you might even worry that you will lose your friends and family if you were to become rich. You worry that you'd change and become arrogant or that people will become jealous and despise you because of how much money you have.

Here's the truth. You don't have to change a thing after you become rich. Money doesn't have to change you. It is your choice how you live your life and how you treat people. Other people's jealousy is their own problem. You have a life to live and probably people that you wish to take care of. Do you really want to sacrifice their happiness because of what other people will think? Greed and being willing to do anything for money is evil. Providing value to the world and solving some of the world's problems should be a goal that we strive towards. The money or wealth is only a byproduct of wanting to help others.

Your thoughts about money and your fears about how it might change your life are just a few aspects of investing and wealth building that all of us struggle with. Being able to wrestle these misguided thoughts into submission and replace them with more positive thoughts can change how wealth comes to you in your life. Often our subconscious holds us back and keeps us from becoming wealthy. We are done before we have even begun all thanks to our own mind. Conquer your mind and you can conquer the world. You have grand thoughts and big things that you wish to do in this life and the world is willing to pay you handsomely for helping.

Go to to learn more about investing and creating wealth. Learn how to change your thoughts and change your life.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Are Accountability Partners Worth It?

If you are considering finding an accountability partner you may be feeling a little dubious about it. Are they really worth it or do these sessions turn into friendly chats where nothing is ever achieved?

This is going to depend on your purpose for getting an accountability partner in the first place. It will also depend on just how serious you are with your weekly or monthly goals. Any meeting can turn into a friendly chit-chat if you allow it.

My advice to you is before connecting with an accountability partner determine what your goals and desires are for wanting one. Do you really want to be held accountable for your actions? Or maybe you are lacking socially and are looking for more of an excuse to chat with someone? If so, then maybe being more active in social media or running your own Facebook group could be a better alternative for you.

Once you have set your goals for wanting an accountability partner your next step is finding one. Many online forums and communities have special sections for connecting with potential accountability partners. Take a look at those forums which you visit frequently and see if they have one.

If you are active on social media you could post that you are looking for one there. Do you know anyone else that uses an accountability partner?  Why not ask them where they found theirs?

This is definitely not something that you want to rush into. It is important to find the right person so that you will both benefit from your meetings. Write out a list of qualities or traits that you are looking for. You may want a person who is of the same gender and age as you. What about time zones? Is connecting with someone on a totally different continent going to work?

Use Skype or Facebook chat to connect with possible partners and get to know them. You don't want to make a rash decision and you do want to get along with the person as well.

Remember though, that you are being accountable to each other. This means that you both need to be able to take criticism and feedback from each other. Quite often it is much easier to be the one offering feedback than to be on the receiving end.

Plus you are going to have to be honest with your accountability partner when you don't meet your goals and deadlines – if that happens! While there is no need to be fearful of missing a goal, you do need to know why you missed it. A family emergency may have come up or maybe you don't know why you missed your goal. Actually this can be a good thing and a benefit to having an accountability partner.

If you are in the habit of missing deadlines it is possible that a person looking in from the outside can see things that you are missing. This could just be that your workload is so heavy that you don't have the time to get anything new. Or they may see that you spend way too much time on Facebook or visiting forums each day.

Once any problem areas have been identified it is up to you to take action and remedy them. This is all part of working together as accountability partners. No one is the judge, in fact, you are both just trying to help each other set and meet goals on a regular basis.

Many business people have connected with accountability partners and have a business relationship that has lasted decades. There is no reason why this couldn’t turn into a similar experience for you and your new accountability partner.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Will This Year Belong to You?

Are you one of those people who follow through on their actions or do you find that your good intentions fall to the wayside quickly? Regardless of which type of person you may classify yourself as, why not make this year the year which belongs to you?

While this may sound like a huge challenge, by breaking it down into smaller steps the picture becomes much clearer. When it comes to setting goals many people often make lofty goals, those that are almost unattainable or out of reach. It’s no wonder that these ambitions and goals are given up almost as fast as they were set.

So how do you set easy to reach goals that will lead you on the path of your dreams?

One of the first things that you need to accomplish is to think about what your goals are. Now I don't mean travelling the world living out of fancy hotels. I mean goals that are going to help you lead the life you have always dreamed of. If your goal was to travel the world what would be the steps you need to take to accomplish this?

By breaking down a main goal into smaller segments you are working towards your end goal. Building on the travel goal, what would you need to make this come true? Lots of money for one thing. How would you get this money? This would become a smaller goal.  Once you had the money how would you travel, where would you go and how long would you stay in each place. All of these steps are smaller goals that need to be determined.

Do you see how these smaller steps are building up to the main goal? Perfect!  This is exactly how you can make this year belong to you!

First define what your end goal is. Then plan out all of the steps you need to take to get there. This might include earning more money, saving money regularly, learning a new skill or it might involve losing weight and getting fit.

Regardless of your end goal, once you have planned out your steps you want to treat each one as a mini goal. Then take each mini goal and work on it until you have reached it. Then take the next one and build upon that. Repeat this process until you can see your end goal in sight.

Along the way you are going to come face to face with stumbling blocks and of course, life will get in the way. All of these things are perfectly normal.  What matters is the manner in which you deal with these road blocks.

For people losing weight it can be difficult when you reach a plateau for weeks and weeks. It is easier to give up and revert back to your old habits.  Such a plateau is very common in virtually every endeavour, not just losing weight. Those people who are really determined and motivated to reach their target goal will look for ways to deal with these plateaus. These people are fighters!

When working towards a goal you do not always have to work hard on it every day. Sometimes it is healthy to take a short break, just don't let this become a vacation though!

You may find it easier to schedule certain days of the week to work on your goal so that you don't become over focused or obsessed on it. Working on a new goal means finding ways to fit it into your life without placing something or someone else in jeopardy.

With this in mind you now have the tools and a plan of attack to make this year belong to you in any way you see fit. 

If you would like more help to do this, take a look at my "Resolution Revolution".  You can get further details here:

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Do Resolutions Really Work?

Making New Year's Resolutions seems to be the 'in' thing to do each year, but do they really work? The answer to this would depend upon how serious you are when you make your New Year's resolution.

Do you view a New Year's Resolution as something fleeting? You just make a bunch of half hearted resolutions without any real intention of trying to get them to work. Or are you in the minority where you take your resolutions extremely seriously? If so then you are one of the few that has the best chances of succeeding with your resolutions.

This year why not really commit to changing just one thing in your life? It will be so much easier to tackle just one resolution at a time. In fact, it will be even easier if you see your New Year's Resolution as a goal.

The majority of people view goals as a more serious item, whereas a New Year's resolution is often thought of as just something that by the end of January you don't bother with anymore.

It is just a strange quirk of human nature that goals are taken more seriously. Plus you are more likely to tell your family and friends about your goals. Vocalizing your goal solidifies it into your mind so that it becomes a daily focus. The end result is that you are 10 times more likely to succeed!

Now is the time to sit down and decide which aspect of your life you want to truly change. Make it something that you really want with all your heart's desire, otherwise your motivation will not last.

Once you have decided on your goal your next step is to write it down. This way your goal becomes real, you can also post your intentions on your Facebook page, your blog or even let your list subscribers know. Once you have taken the plunge to go this far, people are going to expect to see results, and you don't want to disappoint them do you?

Now that you have made a commitment it is time to start working on your goal. The best way to do this is to create a plan of attack. This can be as simple as writing down the steps you need to follow to reach your goal. Or you may prefer to write detailed steps and set mini goals that you have to reach.

This will be a personal preference and if your motivation is high you may not feel as though you need a step by step plan to follow. Just remember to make yourself accountable so that you stay on track.

It can be helpful to post weekly updates on your social pages, or let your subscribers know each week how you are progressing. Whatever you do you don't want to lose sight of your goal. Otherwise it may start to get pushed to the back of your mind and become a forgotten goal.

So even if your friends and co-workers have written up a huge list of New Year's Resolutions, be firm and just choose one this year.  Maybe one from the original list you wrote yourself, or perhaps a completely fresh one. It doesn't matter which you do as long as this is a resolution you really want to keep. Then stand back and watch and see how many of your friends actually follow through and who is still working on their resolutions come February.

Have some type of plan to follow or use certain tools, if necessary, to help you achieve the success that you want and that you deserve. In the end you are going to be responsible for your own actions and no-one else.

If you would like a good tool to help you do this, then try my "Resolution Revolution" e-book and workbook. You can find full details here:

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Be Your Own Santa Claus


Dr. Debbie Thompson

For those of you who do not acknowledge or embrace the whole 'Santa Thing', please bear with me.

What if you could recreate the spirit and generosity of the Christmas season 365 days of the year? Be your own Santa Claus. You can!

Imagine you have access to a giant 'Everything In Life' catalog system. You can compare this catalog system to a giant or Sears & Roebuck catalog (for those of you who haven't entered the realm of online ordering yet).

You can order whatever you want to Be, Do or Have. This catalog contains an abundance of choices from the generous unlimited world that you live in. You are surrounded by opportunities. The effectiveness of your life catalog shopping is only enhanced by using the Law of Attraction.

When I was a little girl on the farm in Illinois, we ordered clothing from Sears & Roebuck, J.C. Penney's and Montgomery Ward. It was so exciting to fill out the order blanks all by myself with all of the numbers, colors and sizes. Before I filled out the order blanks I would spend hours and hours looking through the catalogs to choose what I wanted.

Have you taken the time to browse through your 'Everything In Life' catalog system and made your choices?

How to shop the 'Everything In Life' catalog:

  • Expand your Law of Attraction knowledge
  • Visualize your Be, Do & Haves
  • Visualize resources, people and everything you need to know.
  • Clearly define what you want
  • Write your order out in detail
  • Focus on what you want (not what you don't want)
  • Magnetize your vision by bringing feelings of excitement like it has already happened
  • Be in gratitude for what you have already... just as it is

Possible items you might be ready to order:

  • BE - I passionately express myself through my art.
  • BE - I joyfully live a magical, playful life full of friendships, adventure, vitality and unlimited energy.
  • DO - I contribute to college scholarships for young women.
  • DO - I move everyday for at least 30 minutes... walk, hike, dance, swim, etc..
  • HAVE - My body is fine tuned for love, life, adventure, happiness, laughter and longevity.
  • HAVE - My mind is clear and focused.

Supercharge your results:

  • Create at least 100 Be, Do, Haves on your 'Santa List'.
  • Express gratitude daily - Be generous with everyone (including yourself).
  • Start a gratitude journal. (health... home... friends... flowers... mountains... the sunny day... )

This could be your first time hearing about Law of Attraction. You could be someone who has learned allot about Law of Attraction. Just know that the biggest thing that stands in your way of your Be, Do, Haves is your past: negative thoughts and beliefs that will want to argue with why your can't have what you are asking for.

Learn how to be very skilled at putting an end to these arguments.

Never give up on your dreams. Be your own Santa.

Discover how your energy can be aligned with your Be, Do & Haves as quickly as possible with a life changing energetic shift.

If you feel blocked/stopped in relationships, career, wellness or any other aspect of life a Life Reset 123™ session is an effective way to remove negative past influences, your unconscious blocks and expand your Prosperity and what matters to you the very most.

About the Author:

As a chiropractor and Life Reset Coach, Dr. Debbie Thompson started helping 1000's of people in the greater Seattle area in 1994. In 2012, she opened, 'Life Reset Chiropractic' in Glendale, AZ, and continues to assist people reach their highest vitality and wellness possible.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Colorado State University and University of Colorado. She graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon.

In 1996, Dr. Debbie noticed her patients were not reaching their fullest physical recovery with chiropractic adjustments alone. She knew there had to be another way. Dr. Debbie's passion for her patients lead her on a quest where she discovered various energetic healing methods based on Quantum Physics which addressed physical, emotional, mental and non-physical issues.

While on this quest, she created her own energetic healing method called Life Reset. With Life Reset audios, teleclasses and webinars, Dr. Debbie is able to reach out worldwide. Life Resets consistently and effectively help to delete out past negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and life experiences that have been standing in the way of your fullest potential. The result is giving you access to experience life far beyond what you ever thought was possible before.

Dr. Debbie shares simple and effective ways to "Ignite the ALL that YOU are!"