Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wicca, Magic, and Spells


Sarah T White

Magic spells have fascinated us for thousands of years. People are intrigued and obsessed in how spells could work for and against a person's interest and desires. Magic spells are not only performed to achieve personal gain, they are also practiced as part of a religious belief system such as Wicca.

Wicca is deeply rooted to ancient pagan beliefs which emerged hundreds of years ago. Gerald Gardner claimed that the practices and beliefs of Wicca were based from a secretive group that had accepted him as a member. Wiccan spells are often referred to as "magick" rather than the common "magic." This differentiates real magic from common conjuring and illusion tricks practiced by stage performers in shows.

When Wicca was first developed, the government and public society at large was scared by it and so persecuted witches and wizards, putting them to death. Even now although witch-hunting no longer occurs it is common for Wicca followers to practice their arts in secret so as to avoid scrutiny or ridicule from unbelievers. All Wiccans agree that Satan-worship is not part of their practices.

Nature and its elements: earth, air, fire, and water, are loved and revered in Wicca. Wiccans consider themselves "at one" with nature. Harming nature would cause nature to harm them back, so all Wicca spells are white magic and are intended for good purposes only.

All who practice magic spells do so in strict accordance with "The Wiccan Rede." This deep rooted law of Wiccan magic states, "do what ye will, harm ye none." This simply means that magic spells can be used freely as long as no one gets hurt in the process. A related commandment is "The Law of Three" which states that "harm will be returned three-fold", further encouragement to only use magic for good.

Magic is similar to Christian prayers. Spells are part of Wiccan rituals although not all Wiccans cast spells. Spells can be both used to help or hurt and manipulate other people, but Wiccan followers are strictly prohibited from using spells that will harm other people in accordance with "The Rede."

Before a Wiccan performs any magic spell, incantation or ritual, they first reflect on their intentions and the consequences and repercussions of the act. All its possible effects are thoroughly considered to make sure the spell is good and pure. Most spells are followed precisely as they are written, although there are times when the spells can be modified to fit the witch or wizard's power, personality and situation.

Some people may show wonder, disbelief, or even fear of the powers that Wiccans possess. But understanding the basic beliefs and principles of Wiccans shows us that what they do is not against the fundamental principles of all moral and wise teachings for human beings, which is to share life and embrace nature without harming others.

The author is a lifelong white witch, Wiccan and practitioner of magic spells. Visit her website to learn more about different types of white magic and Wiccan spells -

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Seven Ways To Grow Your Own Success


Elaine Bailey

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I decided to start my own business I was fired up and ready to go! I bought all the books my mentor (and other people) recommended and signed up for numerous online programs and packages.

Then I drowned in an ocean of self-help modules and leadership resources! I felt overwhelmed and scared because I had so much stuff to learn. I had no plan so the learning tools gathered dust on a shelf as I got busy doing coaching and trying to be successful!

My personal development stopped. I'd get stuck with some of the basic business challenges because I wasn't growing. Others around me seemed to be growing faster and getting more success, this hurt!

Here's what I realized...

Buying learning won't help you to learn - You have to READ and APPLY the tools consistently! This is where most of us fall down.

I was trying to grow my business without growing myself.

This also applies if you work in the corporate world. You get promoted and take on a leadership role and there's a whole new set of responsibilities placed on you!

Whether you work in corporate or for yourself, one of the minimum requirements of being successful is your ability to grow. The "Future belongs to learning." Active continuous personal development separates the successful from the mediocre... and the gap between the two is wide!

Here's my personal development success formula...

You have to INVEST in yourself on three levels:
  1. Invest money (I was good at buying the books, mentors and resources!)
  2. Invest time (I didn't invest the time because I was too busy doing!)
  3. Invest attitude (I invested in a growth mindset and take my personal development very seriously)

All three need to be present...

I know individuals who have ignored these and it has destroyed their careers by developing fixed mindset and relying purely on status, ego and past experience to solve future problems. Learning is seen as a weakness by these people!

If you stop learning, you stop leading. You stagnate and you will fail.

Successful people invest time, money and attitude in their own personal development and it pays off. They take learning seriously because they recognize its real value.

Here's how to grow your own success from the inside-out:

1. Start from where you are now - You may have loads of resources backed up. Just choose ONE! Commit to working through that one resource, then move onto the next. Begin today.

2. Read for an hour a day - Wake up an hour earlier each day and read each morning first thing. If you do this 5 days a week - that's five hours of reading! Just think how many books you could read in a year and the advantage you would have over your peers! Make notes and apply one thing you've read during the day (Start with 30 minutes and build up. Turn the TV off and read for an hour each night if you 'don't do' mornings!).

3. Listen to audio books on the move - I listen to learning while I'm working out at the gym! I find the gym boring! Now I learn as I workout and time flies by. I make a few notes back in the changing room! You can also listen as you drive, fly or take the train!

4. Have an ATTITUDE for learning - Is your passion and commitment for what you do greater than any inconvenience in timing or traveling? I travel thousands of miles for my own personal development it's not always convenient - I look beyond discomfort because I'm passionate about being the best I possibly can be. Get out from behind the convenience of your computer and look beyond the discomfort of traveling! Take your personal development seriously - Mean it! Activity seek out specific events and trainings that will help you grow. Group learning can expand your mindset and your skillset. Go to the source of the expertise and learn from the best if you want to be the best!

5. Plan your personal development time - Schedule dates and times for each week and show up! Look for opportunities to learn - Carry a book or IPad with you! Read while you wait for appointments (Instead of wasting time on Facebook!).

6. Apply what you learn - Reading is only a small part of the process. Growing involves USING what you've learned and is critical for success. I know hundreds of managers who have read: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, but only about 15% have actually applied any of the content to their life.

7. Work with a mentor - If you want to run a million pound business, then you want to learn from someone who has first hand experience and can provide wisdom, intuition and support. Working one on one will help you to: stay focused, be accountable, keep your commitment and create the discipline and persistence to make things happen. A coach or a mentor can help you to maximise your potential and be the best in your career or business.

Are you passionate enough about your success to seriously INVEST in your personal development?

How much do you REALLY WANT to be successful?

About the Author:

Elaine is founder of Elaine Bailey International Ltd. a company devoted to coaching busy and successful women and men into their best lives. Elaine spans the Atlantic from the UK to the USA in her life and business coaching. She is a sought after motivational speaker, whose topics include "Business or Busy-ness? Four Ways to Get Your Life Back on Purpose. Please visit

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Healing Through the Law of Attraction


Alexander Lynch

Almost everyone faces health issues in their every day life, and they could stand to have a little help with them. Whether you deal with stress, anxiety or have low energy levels, there are ways to promote healing through the law of attraction.  This simple method utilizes your body's energy flow to direct your healing process to the areas that you need it most.  It doesn't require any special skills, instead it can be done by just about anyone with the right preparation.  Give this process a chance and you're bound to see results.

One of the first steps towards harnessing the power of healing through the law of attraction, will be to establish a meditative routine in your daily life.  Just set aside a short block of time towards meditation.  This may sound strange, but many have found that relaxing and concentrating your mental energy can be a highly effective method of promoting the healing process.

Most experts in meditation advise that you only do the process when you can devote all of your mental energy to this process.  Try to seclude yourself in a quiet room where you won't be interrupted by outside noise.  You might want to cancel out these distractions by playing some gentle and soothing music during your meditation routine.  This will allow you to focus on the issue at hand and maximize the rate at which you heal your body.

There are many signs that you're making progress with your meditative practices.  Some people may not be sure that they're doing things right, but here are a few key steps to keep in mind:
  •  Take deep, shallow breaths 
  •  Close your eyes 
  •  Relax your thoughts 
  •  Focus your mental energy 
  •  Use your imaginative powers to direct that energy

The key to healing through the law of attraction is that you're going to want to imagine yourself being healthy and capable of doing something you couldn't otherwise accomplish.  So if you suffer from arthritis and you'd like to be able to sew a pattern again, you would meditate and focus your mental energy on this task.  The law of attraction predicts that if you prepare your mind for this task, you will be provided with the health and energy necessary to perform the action in real life.

There have been many attempts to explain why this phenomenon occurs in real life.  Some people suspect that the Universe is naturally capable of directing energy resources to individuals who need it.  This energy may be called upon by exerting mental effort and imagining our bodies doing the action.  This comes naturally to athletes and others who are active, because they do it constantly throughout their lives.  But once we lose our health, we may also lose our confidence to focus our mental energy on these tasks.

Whatever the ultimate reason, the fact remains that it is possible to heal your body through the law of attraction.  It has been demonstrated many times over, and there are people everywhere who will swear by this methodology.

Considering how easy it can be to simply try the meditation stage out, there may be nothing to lose by giving it a shot.  If you find that it works for you, it may become gradually easier to harness the powerful capacity that the law of attraction holds.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mind Games and Self-Sabotage - Getting Out of Your Own Way


Tao De Haas

While you have great potential waiting to be unleashed there is something opposing it that is even more powerful. It stops you from being successful; it prevents you from putting things into action, it hinders your chances of achieving those goals that are important to you. It is so powerful that it can even paralyse you. So what is it that prevents so many people from reaching their potential? What could be even more powerful than the desire to achieve your goals?

Excuse me, you're in my way!

There is 'someone' who wants to stand in the way of your progress, like an overzealous bouncer standing at the door blocking your path to the world of success and achievement. But rather than it being someone external, it is an aspect of you, a sub-personality. It is the part that sabotages you through playing mind games. It tells you to 'start tomorrow' to 'do it later'. It finds more urgent and important things to do than stepping onto your path to success. When it sees others getting on and achieving the things that are important to them, this part will come up with justifications as to why you are not, by letting you believe that you're not as talented, not as capable, not as smart etc. Whatever mind game this part plays, it is often very effective in stopping you from flourishing and being successful.

So what's this mind game?

So what is the game? The game is called self-sabotage. Like in the game of chess it is equivalent to the powerful King. When it comes to self-sabotage, procrastination is King. This King stands in the doorway that leads from intention to action. Just like the game of chess is a process, so is self-sabotage. It is a complex process already started in early childhood. Unfortunately this process is a game that pitches people against themselves. It pitches their desire and intention against their impulses and seduces them not into action, but into stagnation.

Emotional not logical

Perhaps that sounds illogical, and this process is exactly that. It is a process that is emotionally driven and not driven by logical consideration. For the part of the brain that is concerned with protecting you, it seems safer not to act but to 'stay safe' where you are right now. While this is most useful for survival we humans are not merely programmed to survive, we are also programmed to evolve.

This is a perfect dynamic for the mind playing games. The game plays out with the various parts of your brain vying with each other, competing to get your focus and attention; the survival part versus the thriving part. Of course whatever part you favor with the most attention and energy wins the game!

Don't give it power

Sabotage can only thrive when you give it power. You need to stop giving 'King Sabotage' your focus and attention. While at its core sabotage might be there to protect you, your courage, determination and desire needs to be greater. While protection based on fear often does a great job, in many cases it does its job too well standing in the way of your progress, your success and ultimately achieving the things you most want to achieve.

Feel the fear

The game can be most effective, the 'voices' can be convincing and seductive if you allow them to be; 'do it tomorrow, you are too tired today, 'wait till you feel more motivated', 'you won't be good at it', 'you will never really succeed' etc. The more you listen to these voices the more power you give them. It is not about not feeling trepidation or uncertainty, but as the saying goes; feel the fear and do it anyway!

Get out of your own way!

Remember Marden? Deep within us dwell slumbering powers; power that would astonish us, that we never dreamed of possessing: forces which revolutionize their lives if aroused and put into action.

You will be amazed at your own capabilities when you get out of your own way. You will automatically evolve, flourish and grow as this is what nature has programmed you to do. The part of you that has been programmed to excel will win over the part that will try to hold you back. There is a very simple principle I call the seed and brick principle. Once you remove a brick that lies on top of a seed it will grow, flourish and evolve. Then, all you need to do is make sure you 'water it' (by focussing on it) and keep the soil 'nourished' (through nourishing your mind with positive and encouraging thoughts) and weeding out negative and limiting thoughts by not giving power to them.

Get out of your own way. When you stop self-sabotage and procrastination in one area of your life it will positively affect all other aspects. There is nothing more satisfying than disempowering self-sabotage and procrastination through empowering yourself.

Numerous studies have shown that people who set goals consistently achieve more in life than those who do not. Yet there is so much more to goal setting than most people think. Not only do people need to be clear about what they want, they need to create an environment for success and achievement; an environment that guides and supports them, keeps them focused and on the right track.

Just think about New Year resolutions. Despite having the best intentions, most people don't make it past the 7th day of January! At Minds with Integrity we have developed a unique and personalized system that will help you move from hoping and wishful thinking to living your life according to what is really important to you. Experience immediate and tangible outcomes with a system that gets results.

The Life Navigation System is your own personal GPS; an easy and practical online DIY coaching system. It puts you in the driver's seat and more in control of your life and where you are heading.

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Why Read Self-Help Books

Today's article is by Yan Wei Chue, who ran a personal development blog  When I last checked there were no recent blog posts by Yan Wei, but I found this particular article so powerful I obtained permission to reproduce it here.

When you have read all about WHY you should read self-help books, if you want to get access to a regular stream of FREE personal development material, then join my Great Personal Development Material project!  You can join here:

Why Read Self-help Books and Attend Personal Development Seminars?

We live in a very competitive world. Any individual who wants a piece of pie in this world has to fight for it.

Today we go about getting a larger piece of the pie by increasing our self-worth through various means. For some, it means going back to school to pursue a higher education. Some continue to believe that sheer hard work is the practical way to success. Whereas a minority does nothing and hope that they can become better people.

There is an increasing trend where people turn to self-help books and seminars to improve themselves. And the results are extremely promising and encouraging.

To many of those who do not have the habit of reading, this alternative may seem boring and nerdy. Boring and nerdy would never be the words you or I would use to describe once we recognize the many benefits they have.

What is the magic behind these books and seminars? Foremost, they provide motivation. Massive and focused motivation in areas you are interested in improving on. Motivation is a crucial key to success in life. And the most convenient source of motivation comes from these books and seminars. Motivation empowers an individual with a positive mindset, the correct attitude: this greatly increases his energy, drive and productivity. We are constantly surrounded with negativity, from people, TV, radio, it's important that we get out of this negativity by reading uplifting and positive books.

Self-help books and seminars provide an array of specialized knowledge that is not available in the current education system. What is this specialized knowledge? What you seek is what you get. There are lots and lots of books in so many areas, all it requires you are some time, effort and maybe money to get your hands on the information you seek through the book. This specialized knowledge is extremely valuable and practical once you applied it. New knowledge opens the mind. You will be exposed to new ideas and perspectives from different schools of thoughts to improve yourself and to an extent for some, they suffer "information overload". My advice for you is to apply as many of the ideas you have learnt, discard those that do not work for you, keep those that are effective and see the positive changes take place in your life.

The acquisition of new knowledge is vitally important to remain competitive in today's world. However, knowledge alone is not sufficient to bring you to greater heights. What I have learnt from these books and seminars is that they have the ability to act as mentors in our lives. Mentors have valuable experience in their specialized fields to share that will provide any individual with insights and ideas never known to them. This can greatly shorten the learning curve and reduce any trial and error needed to achieve the outcome. However, everyone recognizes the many benefits of a good mentor but not many of us take the effort or are lucky enough to find such a mentor. Self-help books and seminars are an extraordinary source of accumulated experience of the authors and speakers. The essence of their experiences lies deep in these materials and is easily accessible to anyone who makes the effort to understand, learn and apply what is taught. For some, they never managed to see the valuable experience that lies right in front of them and they never will until the day they feel that is so much pain in their lives and that something must be done. Wouldn't it be too late by then? Read with a definite purpose; ask yourself, "What information am I seeking for, what is my purpose of reading this book?" Self-help books and seminars are your best mentors till you find the one that is willing to enrich and guide you.

Looking for a mentor to guide you is a MUST if you seek to achieve success in the shortest time possible. Where and how do you go about finding them? A self-help seminar is one highly possible place. These seminars are a congregation of highly motivated individuals who come from various fields and age groups and most importantly, many of them are very helpful people. The speakers themselves can be your mentors as well. There is no other better place as compared to a self-help seminar. Networking is the key to finding your ideal mentor. You will never know when you will find such a person. In short, it takes courage, persistence and a respectable amount of self-confidence in yourself to impress and convince someone to be your mentor. Remember that these mentors you seek are very busy people themselves. Instead of satisfying your needs, think about what you can offer to your mentor first. Give before you receive. They may not become your mentors but beautiful friendship may bloom and soon you realized that you are completely surrounded by positive and highly motivated people. It was Jim Rohn who said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." And since you are surrounded by positive and energetic people, you will experience new vibrant energy to propel you to greater heights in your life.

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Friday, 4 October 2013

The 3 Most Important Questions

Do you know exactly where you want to go in life?  Are your goals your REAL goals, are they what society has imposed on you, or are you just "making do" with what you think is achievable?

What do you want to experience?  How do you want to grow?  What do you want to contribute to this planet?

Maybe you already know the answers to these questions and are very happy with those answers.  But whether or not that is the case, watch this video by Vishen Lakhiani and try his 7 minute exercise.  I think you will surprise yourself with the results!