Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Beginnings

Have you ever looked at yourself, who you are and the life you are living, and said "I wish things were different!"?  If so, then this article is for you.  Things can be different.  All you have to do is find out what you want and then start working towards it.

Start with a blank sheet of paper.  Forget about all the baggage you have and start writing about the person you would like to be and how you would like to live.  Don't think about any of the negative, the hurdles, the things that currently stop this happening.  Just write down how you would really like things to be.

At first you may find yourself sitting there, pen in hand, a blank sheet in front of you, and no idea what to write.  Don't worry, that is very common.  For some people it may be that they really don't know what they want.  For others it may be they want so much they don't know where to begin.

If you simply don't know where to begin, then simply start writing.  It doesn't matter where you begin.  Just capture all those thoughts as they come to you and write them down.

If your mind is a complete blank, then just sit quietly for a while thinking about nothing at all.

You may find a trickle of thoughts about what you want begin when you do this.  If so, start writing them down as they come to you.  If the trickle turns into a gush, keep weriting, and if it seems too powerful a gush then don't worry but simply do what I have said a couple of paragraphs above.  Sometimes, though, the trickle will peter out.  Don't worry, just repeat the exercise with a still mind and keep repeating it until either you have a full page or the gush begins.

Some people will find even when they sit quietly for a few minutes no ideas at all come to mind.  If this happens to you, don't panic.  Quiet your mind again and then think back to all the times you were really happy.  Go right back through your life as far as you can remember.  Don't write anything at this point.  Just keep remembering those good times.  Start to feel them rather than just remember them.  Feel a warm glow starting deep inside and then filling you as you add more and more of those good times.  It is almost like building a fire within yourself, a fire bursting with joy.  Then, while you are on fire with those memories, start writing them down on one sheet of paper.  When that paper is full, take another piece of paper and use this to write down what you want to be.  Use those memories to help you, but now you are writing about what you want to be and your life to become rather than what has happened in the past.

When you have filled your paper with future goals, go through it and find the ones that seem most important to you.  Be careful when doing this.  You are not choosing the goals you feel you should have but the ones that really resonate with you.  Many people find this quite a surprising exercise, with goals that they would never have considered previously coming right to the top of the list.  Don't lose the list, as you will need to come back to it later - perhaps even years later.  But take two or three of the main goals, or maybe half a dozen or so, depending on the nature of those goals, and write them down on a separate sheet of paper.  Don't write them as a future goal but as something already achieved.  For example, if you want to be really fit and healthy you should write "I am really fit and healthy", not "I want to be really fit and healthy".

Focus on each of those key goals.  Think about steps you can take now to get closer to them.  Notice I have not said "to reach them".  Just "to get closer to them".  If you think hard there will always be steps you can take towards your dream, even if that dream seems impossible at the moment.

And that is how you create a new beginning.  It is not rocket science.  Every day is really a new beginning if you are open to the right leadings from within.  I hope I have inspired you to take those important steps in the right direction so that you too can have a fresh start, a real new beginning.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Magic of Christmas

A few weeks ago I wrote about egregores.  If you have not read this yet or need a quick refresher you can find it here:

As mentioned in that article, an egregore is a thought form created by a group of people aligned in a particular direction.  It can be good or bad.  The larger the group who have created and feed it, and the more closely they are aligned, the more powerful it becomes.

It is now time for you to start using the power of an egregore in your personal development.

The magical power of the Christmas spirit is enormous.  This thought form has been fed for hundreds of years by millions of people.  It is also especially pure, with much of its power derived from innocent young people.  People who want to believe in the magic of Christmas.  A magic that is closely linked to feelings of love, joy, kindness, compassion and goodwill.

You do not need to be a Christian in order to align yourself with this immensely powerful spirit and to benefit from that alignment.  Of course, if you are a Christian you will find it easier to do so, but this spirit is so powerful you can tap into it and align yourself with it even if you are from a different religious persuasion or have no religious belief at all.

By aligning yourself with the Christmas spirit you will not only be helping yourself and those around you, but will also be adding greater power to that spirit.

How can you align yourself to a thought form like the Christmas spirit?  It is remarkably easy.  Begin first with the symbols associated with it.  These will probably vary according to your background culture.  In the west, images of snow, holly, mistletoe and Santa Claus are good symbols to begin with.  Also Christmas carols and other Christmas music.  Focus on these symbols, perhaps having Christmas music playing in the background.  As you do so, start to feel love for all mankind.  Let that feeling grow.  Feel grateful for all the gifts you have been given.  Not simply in a materialistic way, but also for the gifts of love others have given you.  Allow these feelings and emotions to fill you.

You can also help this process along by reading books with a Christmas focus, for example "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, or watching "Christmassy" films.

Allow these feelings to build within you as Christmas day approaches.  But when Christmas is over, don't simply allow the feelings to disappear, as so many do.  Don't let there be an anti-climax to your Christmas this year.  Instead, make the Christmas spirit part of your every day attitude to life.  I don't mean keep singing Christmas carols and leave your Christmas decorations up all year.  But hold within you the true spirit of Christmas.  Each year, add to it by following the above exercise again, but also each year keep within you more and more of the true spirit of Christmas.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, and I wish you the love, joy and compassion that comes when you truly embrace the Christmas spirit!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Personal Development Tips

I am often asked if I have any tips I can give on how best to organize personal development.

The field is massive, and there are so many things you can do!

Try to begin with the end in mind.  I say "try" as the reality is none of us really knows where we will end up, and usually when you look back after many years of personal development you realize the journey has been quite different from what you initially envisaged.  But it is important at the outset at least to have a rough idea of what your goal may be.  Without knowing that you will not really know the direction you should be going, and without knowing the direction you will probably choose the wrong tools.  It would be a bit like starting on a journey, trying to follow a map, but not actually knowing where you want to go!  So spend some time thinking about what you want to become.  No limits.  Write down all your ideas as they come to you.  Then when you have enough written down try to feel which ones seem right for you.  This should help identify the right direction of travel for you.

When you are thinking about what you want to become, don't be frightened of aiming for the stars.  We are all made of star dust anyway, so aim for those stars!

That's for the big picture.  Long term, don't accept any limitations.  There are no limitations.  Or, rather, the only limitations are the ones you create for yourself.

Now you know where you are headed, start to think about the steps you can take to move in that direction.  These can be very small steps.  In fact, they should be.  They are things you know you can achieve.  You probably have no idea how you are eventually going to reach your long term goal, but that doesn't matter, as you will eventually reach it if you keep taking the right steps in that direction.

Keep an open mind.  You never know when the next opportunity is going to knock or which direction it will come from.  Often it is entirely unexpected.  Also opportunities will often appear and you will fail to spot them.  Do not be discouraged by this.  The more you open your mind, the more you get focused on what it is you want to achieve, the easier it will be to start spotting those opportunities.  You will certainly miss some, but that is not the end of the world as (contrary to what you may have read) similar opportunities will arise again.

Join groups of similarly minded people.  Ideally they will be people nearby, but this is not essential.  If there are no such groups near you then look for "virtual" groups on the internet.  Gain both encouragement and new ideas from the groups.  Ask others what tools they have used to achieve their results.  You will be surprised at how much information you can get and how helpful those new friends can be.

The corollary is to avoid, where possible, people who try to discourage you and tell you that you will never achieve what you are trying to achieve.  There are many such people around, and they are really toxic.  You do not have to put up with this - just avoid them.

A lot of what you need will be available for free.  Take advantage of this.  You will be amazed at just how much good free information is out there.  If you subscribe to my newsletters you will find masses of such free help, as I spend a lot of time looking at what is available and finding out what is the most helpful.  If you have not already subscribed, go to right now to claim some free personal development e-books and join my newsletter list.

What you will also find, though, is that as you start to develop in a particular direction you will probably have to start paying for further help.  View this not as a cost but as an investment.  The most important investment you will ever make - an investment in you, your future, and your happiness.  I recommend you start keeping aside 10% of whatever you earn to use as an investment in you.  Start right now, before you even know what you will need to invest in - put this money aside, hopefully earning a bit of interest, so it is ready to use when you need it.

Don't get confused by the huge variety of material out there.  Often you will find very similar systems offered by different people and organizations, all promising to help you reach your goals.  As long as the system is good, just go with whichever feels right to you.  There are many paths to the same destination.  As for whether or not it is good, do some research first.  Or let someone prominent in the field search through everything and come up with selective recommendations - which is what I do for my subscribers.

Enjoy your journey.  Remember that you will never reach the end, as your goal will start to change as you begin the journey and well before you reach it you will find you have come up with more goals even further ahead.  So take pleasure from the journey itself - otherwise, what is the point?

Finally, do not become discouraged.  I can promise you there will be setbacks.  That is simply a part of the rich tapestry of life.  Accept the setback, see what you can learn from it (that is very important!) and then move on.  If you adopt this attitude then even the setbacks can be regarded as an essential part of the great journey you are taking, as they teach you essential lessons.

Wherever your personal development journey is taking you, bon voyage!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Why be grateful?

Why be grateful?

Some may think I am a bit late writing about gratitude and should have done so a couple of weeks ago on Thanksgiving.  But I avoided doing so quite deliberately.  It is very easy for us to restrict positive feelings and actions to certain seasons and then ignore them for the rest of the year.  Some of my readers who are in the United States may do that with giving thanks on Thanksgiving.  Some of my Christian readers may do that with a whole range of positive feelings and actions, including gratitude, at Christmas.  And some of my Muslim readers may do something similar during Ramadan.

Gratitude is not simply for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Ramadan.  It should be something we all practice every day.

When I asked the question "why be grateful?", how did that make you feel?  I would expect many readers immediately to think of things for which they are very grateful, even if it is "only" for the gift of life.  But others may have felt something negative.  We all experience low periods in our lives at some point, and if I happened to catch you in a low point in your life you may have reacted by thinking of all the bad things that have happened to you recently.  You may be tempted to say something like "it's all very well for you to tell me I should be grateful, but you don't know what I am going through right now!".  If that is you, let me say that you are quite right.  I do not know what you are going through, but I am really sorry you have to face it and I will hold you in the Light.  But also I can assure you that if you sit still, take a deep breath, and calm your mind you will find lots of things for which you should be grateful.

Assuming you have now identified the many things for which you should be grateful, let me ask you another question.  Why do you need to be grateful at all?  Why not just accept those things as your right and not bother to be grateful at all?

If you are at all religious you may simply say that God, or whatever else you may call the Supreme Being, requires this of you.

OK, that may be true, but I think it is also a bit of a cop out.  Is there any logical reason for being grateful, above and beyond what your religion may say?

There are many good reasons to express gratitude.

Firstly, if you express your gratitude out loud, to whoever deserves it, this can have tremendously positive results.  Positive feedback encourages the person who has done something good to do even more good.  Many people can then benefit from this, including perhaps yourself as well.  All for the small "cost" of saying thank you in a way that shows you genuinely mean it.  The world in which we live can be almost hell on earth or heaven on earth, often simply from the way people around us behave.  Your "thank you" to one of those people can be infectious, changing not only the way that person behaves but also the behaviour of the people around them too.  So the end result of your simple expression of gratitude could turn someone's hell into heaven.

Secondly, whether or not you say "thank you" out loud, if you feel really grateful for something this will be noted by your subconscious.  Now that subconscious is a very powerful entity.  If it recognizes that you are grateful for something it will try to give you more of it.

Just think a little about this second reason.  Think about some of the things for which you are grateful.  How would you like to have even more?  Isn't that a good feeling, knowing that all the good things you have in your life can keep growing and attract other, similar good things to you?

If you have been following my blog for some time you may remember that I have encouraged you to list all the things for which you should be grateful.  Try that now.  This should be a really long list.  If it is not, then there is something very wrong.  Now look at each item on the list and imagine having more of it or attracting to you something else that is very similar.  Then remind yourself that if you keep expressing gratitude for this thing, that is exactly what will happen.  Your life will get better and better.  Isn't that a great reason to be grateful?

Try this today, right now!  Start expressing your gratitude and see what a difference it makes in your life!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Egregores and Personal Development

Have you come across the concept of an egregore, and do you know why it is so important in your own personal development?

An egregore is a "thought form" created by a group of people rather than just by one individual.  If, like me, you believe in the power of thought, then you should agree that the power of thought of a fully aligned group is much greater than simply the thoughts of one individual.

There are many example of egregores in the world, at very high and very low levels, and everything in between.  Some can be good, some can be neutral, and others can be bad.

Take, for example, a mob going on a rampage.  Each individual within the mob may under other circumstances be a reasonably good person.  Certainly not a person who would consider destroying property and committing other violent acts.  But the mob itself takes on its own personality.  It draws its power by taking certain elements within each individual that are similar, for example a belief that there is a terrible wrong that needs to be corrected, and then focuses that power back into the group, making them more and more aligned.  It now begins to control the group, blinding them to everything other than the one objective that created it in the first place.  The individuals controlled by this egregore do things they would normally never dream of doing, and after the rampage is over and the egregore has gone away, they cannot believe they have acted in this way and do not know why they did.

Every country has its own egregore.  Most of the time it is quite subtle and almost unnoticeable.  But sometimes it can sieze on some negative elements and amplify them.  This is what often happens in a war.  It is what happened, for example, in Nazi Germany.

So far I have focussed on the negative side.  It is certainly important to be aware of this negative side so that we can avoid being influenced by negative egregores.  Do not surround yourself with negative people, as you will otherwise be contributing to and influenced by the negative egregore they create, whether or not you intend to do so.  No matter how good you are, if you surround yourself with negative people you cannot help being pulled down to their level.

But egregores do not have to be evil.  Just as a group of negative people, or a group assembled for a negative purpose, create an evil egregore, so does a group of positive people or a group assembled for a positive purpose, create a good egregore.

If you surround yourself with good people, striving to make a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them, you will find yourself aligned with and influenced by a very good and positive egregore.  You will find it much easier to make the improvements you are trying to make.  As you make those improvements you will be increasing the power of the egregore.  This will then make it even easier for you and the other members of this group to make even greater improvements.  And bear in mind it will not just be you increasing its power, but also all the other members of the group.  This egregore can become very powerful indeed in a short space of time and make a real difference in the world.

Make a decision today to create group thought forms that make a positive difference in you and in the world, and not to join in with those who are creating negative group thought forms.