Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Egregores and Personal Development

Have you come across the concept of an egregore, and do you know why it is so important in your own personal development?

An egregore is a "thought form" created by a group of people rather than just by one individual.  If, like me, you believe in the power of thought, then you should agree that the power of thought of a fully aligned group is much greater than simply the thoughts of one individual.

There are many example of egregores in the world, at very high and very low levels, and everything in between.  Some can be good, some can be neutral, and others can be bad.

Take, for example, a mob going on a rampage.  Each individual within the mob may under other circumstances be a reasonably good person.  Certainly not a person who would consider destroying property and committing other violent acts.  But the mob itself takes on its own personality.  It draws its power by taking certain elements within each individual that are similar, for example a belief that there is a terrible wrong that needs to be corrected, and then focuses that power back into the group, making them more and more aligned.  It now begins to control the group, blinding them to everything other than the one objective that created it in the first place.  The individuals controlled by this egregore do things they would normally never dream of doing, and after the rampage is over and the egregore has gone away, they cannot believe they have acted in this way and do not know why they did.

Every country has its own egregore.  Most of the time it is quite subtle and almost unnoticeable.  But sometimes it can sieze on some negative elements and amplify them.  This is what often happens in a war.  It is what happened, for example, in Nazi Germany.

So far I have focussed on the negative side.  It is certainly important to be aware of this negative side so that we can avoid being influenced by negative egregores.  Do not surround yourself with negative people, as you will otherwise be contributing to and influenced by the negative egregore they create, whether or not you intend to do so.  No matter how good you are, if you surround yourself with negative people you cannot help being pulled down to their level.

But egregores do not have to be evil.  Just as a group of negative people, or a group assembled for a negative purpose, create an evil egregore, so does a group of positive people or a group assembled for a positive purpose, create a good egregore.

If you surround yourself with good people, striving to make a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them, you will find yourself aligned with and influenced by a very good and positive egregore.  You will find it much easier to make the improvements you are trying to make.  As you make those improvements you will be increasing the power of the egregore.  This will then make it even easier for you and the other members of this group to make even greater improvements.  And bear in mind it will not just be you increasing its power, but also all the other members of the group.  This egregore can become very powerful indeed in a short space of time and make a real difference in the world.

Make a decision today to create group thought forms that make a positive difference in you and in the world, and not to join in with those who are creating negative group thought forms.


  1. I believe in change of a positive kind. Typically, you know whether the ideas of a person are good or not. If you find them to be good to begin with, you join in and contribute to make them even better. That's why I strive to communicate clearly(I mean the thoughts, not accent). I may stumble, but I still aim high.

  2. I typed a comment, it did not get through, but since its an important thing I will type it again. Speaking of communications, I must be mindful that it is being interpreted exactly the way I intended so as to avoid any misunderstanding and subsequent undesired result. Suppose I write "cute", I should be very clear of who am I referring to. Or if I say "long time", how exactly long do I mean. The room for misinterpretation decreases in real-time communication. In every other case, it takes extra responsibility. I believe effective communication is the power behind a good egregore, the absence of which leads to an unbinded bad egregore. Agree?

    1. Effective communication could both be used positively and negatively. A good communicator can convince other people to do a bad thing. What I believe the power behind good egregore is the interpretation of whatever communication the receiver gets. I can choose to believe what you say to me however clear it is if it is positive. And likewise I can choose to step aside or even 'flee' when i realize what you are making me understand however way you paint it is negative. Good egregore then is not powered by effective communication but intelligent interpretation and positive choice making.

  3. Computer smart phone etc are not real essence of the soul though.

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments. I believe it is so important both to recognize how we can be manouevred into saying and doing things that are against our inner beliefs, and also to see how to align ourselves more with positive influences.