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Testimonials for information sent to my mailing list subscribers

"Big thanks and gratitude to you for connecting me with Andy Shaw "Bug free mind"!  Thanks to this program I'm in the midst of celebrating my success of my 2nd No.1 record with my song "Sunday Brunch".  Please listen here numberonemusic.com/normajeanangel Stream"
Norma Jean

11th May 2016

"Graham, thank you for all the encouraging words.  A little bit over a month ago, I decided to become full time in the ministry. I left a good job. I felt like that's what I was destined to do. Bills are due, but God has provided. I can see myself being a multimillionaire. My prayer that when I receive it, I wont waste it. I want to make wise decision and invest it so that I can leave an inheritance for my children and their children. So I've been taking steps now preparing. Even though I don't have the millions, I spend my hundreds like millions. Keep the mentoring coming. Just wanted to thank you."
Marcus Jones

14th February 2016

"It's as if you know what am looking for, even thou it's not consciously clear to me. Thanks for this valuable n priceless gift."

14th February 2016

"I have found your writings very helpful, you have no idea how much you have assisted me in my quest for personal development, I look forward to your further emails."
19th January 2013

"Very grateful. Great work. Highly appreciated."

15th January 2013

"I am very grateful for the time and the motivation that you give to me and thank you because you are willing to share all this benefit with me"
14th January 2013

"Wow ! these emails are really amazing!"
12th January 2013

"Thank you so much for all the emails hey. Please send me more of them. You make me feel confident that this year is going to go well."
9th January 2013

"Thanks! Being inspired by all these mails!"
29th December 2012

"Wow! Thank you so much! This is really helping me, and I am learning so much as well and I'm grateful."
26th November 2012
“Hey there! Thanks for all your wonderful emails and links. They're really helpful.”

9th October 2012

“I truly appreciate your messages of inspiration. I'm glad I subscribed.”

9th October 2012

 "I'd like to tell u that I appreciate all the emails you send me. They have been very helpful to me. God bless you."

27th September 2012

“l really enjoy the motivational stuff you send me.  l'm looking forward to more great stuff. Thanks a lot.”

5th June 2012

"I just wanna say, although we've never met, you have NO idea how much the things you send has been helping me and continue to do so. Is there any way I can help you? Spread the word about your wonderful books and things!? Plz let me know! I'd be honored to help and bring new clients your way! :) I'm being serious. Reading these has almost completely turned things around in me and my daughters lives! Astounding difference! Let me know if theres anything I can do to help."

 Trudi Choate

2nd June 2012
"I am glad to see your email. Thank you for giving me this awesome information.  You are respected by me just like a father.”

18th May 2012

“Thanks so much. Impressed with your concern. Will be interested in the program.”

14th May 2012

"This year has been a bliss, it was filled with learning curves, successes and memories to cherish throughout life. I recently completed my high school career, I'm off to University next year and I know for a fact that life will always have it's ups and downs, but with all the e-mails I receive from you I strongly believe I'll be able to treasure all my successes and tackle all the difficult with pride and dignity. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I hope 2016 will be a sweet year filled with all that you desire, please continue touching lives just as you have touched mine. Many thanks!"

30th December 2015

Testimonials for my 4 free e-books


"Thank you very much for sending me such a wonderful e-books.  I have been going through the same and they are really beneficial and helpful to motivate the person in developing his personality."
28th January 2016

"Thanks for the great free books and inspiring emails ;)"
Twitter comment
15th January 2013

"Wow!!!! They are amazing!"
 Kelly (via Twitter)
15th January 2013

"I must confess am loving your write ups and I can't wait to digest this one, thanks alot"
(sent after receiving 1st two of my 4 free e-books)
9th January 2013

"I would like to thank you very much for the books; they are highly informative and I'm busy reading them. I also took the time to listen to your video and it is so powerful and believe it is a wonderful offer you are giving to the world."
8th January 2013

"Thank you! Really inspiring!"
2nd January 2013

"Thank you very much for the books. They are very good material!"
2nd January 2013

"Oh thank you so much. I needed this... I read the first book last night and was BLOWN AWAY!!! :)"
25th December 2012

"Thanks loads for the gifts. They are full of insights."
17th December 2012

"Thank you soo much! I am currently reading "The keys to personal success." Wow..what an amazing book."
12th December 2012

"Thanks Graham, your books are really helpful!"
12th December 2012

"I really look forward to using what I have learned from you! Looking forward to my new and improved life!"
5th December 2012

"Thank you very much! I've started reading - so helpful!"
3rd December 2012

"Thank you so much for sending me all those valuable books. I started reading them and am truly enjoying!"
1st December 2012

"Thank you for the e-books, Graham! I am always interested in improving myself!" 
28th November 2012

"Thanks a Ton Graham!"
27th November 2012

"Thank You so much. I have started reading... what an inspirational motivating decision about life choice. I needed this. I appreciate your leadership."
26th November 2012

"Your books are really fascinating. Great peace of work!"
21st November 2012

"Thank you. Love these :) "
20th November 2012

"Thank you very much for your email and free gifts. It's so great!"
19th November 2012

"I really appreciate the free e-books you sent to my box. It's really helpful."
19th November 2012

"Thank you sir...these are amazing books, i'm reading the first one and i agree with all that you have written!! :)"
16th November 2012

"Thanks Graham these gifts have been most appreciated. I hope we can call on you to speak at one of our programs in future."
16th November 2012

"I don't know from where to start thanking you. I really appreciate the text you send to me and they are of great help to me."
12th November 2012

"Thank you sir, I really appreciate all the personal development books you've been sending. I've discovered my self with the help of those books."
8th November 2012
"I don't know from where to start thanking you. I really appreciate the text you send to me and they are of great help to me."
12th November 2012

"Thank you sir, I really appreciate all the personal development books u'v been sending, I'v discovered my self with the help of those books.  God Bless!"

8th November 2012
"Your books are so motivating and encouraging. Thanks a lot."

24th October 2012

"Thanks Graham for the e-book, it is very valuable."

19th September 2012

"These e-books are really inspirational.......thnx much"
Tweeted by Tali-Jeh
17th September 2012

"Just wanted to let you know your e-books were great and I will tell others to follow you :-)"
Tweeted by Elaine
13th September 2012

"Thank you sir for sending me e-book i really do appreciate what you doing; God bless you"
12th September 2012

"Thanks a lot graham. Love the books."

9th September 2012

"Thank you sir for the gifts. I enjoyed reading it and I learned a lot from it. I look forward to keep in touch with you."

4th August 2012

"Great! Thank you - they have been very inspirational."

6th July 2012

"Thank you so much Graham for your kindness.  I printed off the first two books and started reading while I take the train home from work.  I know they are what I was guided to and for that I say - blessings to you and thanks."

5th July 2012

"Thank you so much for sharing your books. They seem interesting, and I'm sure they will be very helpful."

5th July 2012

"Thank You - I like this."
3rd July 2012

"I want to say a very big THANK YOU! for the wonderful gifts of advice for free."
3rd July 2012

"Hi Graham,thanx for the wonderful gifts and i can't wait for the final gift."
3rd July 2012

"Thank you so much for sharing your books!"
1st July 2012

"I read two of your books and they are awesome!"

30th June 2012

"Thank you for your PDF files . Really I enjoyed it ."
30th June 2012

"I have received all of them. i truly appreciate your kindness!"

29th June 2012

"Follow @GrahamADragon for great free personal development ebooks; I especially recommend his 'The Best Time Management System in the World.'"

26th June 2012

"Thank you for the books. I appreciate much."

24th June 2012

 "Thank u so much for the free books. It's bin of great impact to me. I appreciate. Thanks and God bless."

24th June 2012

"Many thanks, we have downloaded and if ok will give to staff for personal development - inspirational!"
21st June 2012

"Thank you my friend for this wonderful resource! :)"

19th June 2012

"I have read all of them they are really transformational. Thanks you so much for all of this, Can I also share this to my children in the Philippines?"

16th June 2012

"Thank you you are very nice man. Not many things are free."
10th June 2012

"Thank you for sharing these with me. I have just finished reading "the key to personal success" and I found it not only enlightening, but also very much in sync with where I am in my journey of life. Synchronicity is truly at work here as my current situation has me focused on meditation, gratitude, and focussing on my goals whilst trying to ensure I help others along the way."
8th June 2012

“Thanks so much for these Graham. I really do appreciate how you've shared your experience and wisdom." 
4th June 2012

Thanks so much...”
4th June 2012

“Wow, thank you very much Mr. Graham Dragon; I wait for your next e-book."
30th May 2012

 “Thanks a million Graham.  I will, I am sure, learn a lot."

International Marketing Coach and Mentor
25th May 2012

“Thank you.  I appreciate this.  Been reading"

30th May 2012

“Thank you so much!! This has already become a favorite :)”

15th May 2012

“Thank you so much for sharing valuable contents. Truly appreciate it. These are great compilations. Very good work. Please keep sharing.”

16th May 2012

“Thank you again .... these are very insightful!”

14th May 2012

“Thank you for your great 4 free e-books, being blessed.”

10th May 2012

“Thanks a lot, really enjoyed your books.”

7th May 2012

Testimonials for my blog

"I read your blogs and all is very exciting."

11th January 2013

"Superb, awesome!"
28th November 2012
"Wow, I truly needed thyz. Please keep sending them links, they are truly helpful."
2nd November 2012
"I read your blog on "how to improve myself" and it was perfect. It was really helpful, I learned a lot and I'll share it with my friends as well."

23rd August 2012

"Did it.! I love you...!"

Deangelo (re article entitled "Work Life Balance")
5th July 2012

"Hey, I checked it and it's pretty awesome! can I quote some on my blogsite? u have really interesting collections."

Maria Bunda
22nd June 2012

"I thank you for your article. I had little optimism but now am fully optimistic. Thank you once again"

17th June 2012

"Hi, I just found a great book from your blog sold for 2.99 by Amazon. Thank you."

16th June 2012

"Thank you for sending all those articles. I find them very useful."
8th June 2012

“Thank you Graham ... I like it very much ...”

5th June 2012

“Don't have words to express my gratitude”

28th May 2012

“This is great article.  Thank you!”

24th May 2012

"Thank you! I will indeed (listen).  I hope you're well and, again, many thanks.”

21st May 2012

“Only thing I can really say is I think ur awesome!”

17th May 2012

“Thanks for all the posts; really appreciate them.”

13th May 2012

“Sir this short article is very nice; I didnt read this type of article before.”

29th April 2012

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