Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Do you believe in healing?  I don't mean the kind of healing you get from doctors.  Nor do I mean "alternative medicine" such as homeopathy for example.  I mean using the power of the mind to heal.

Let me slightly rephrase the question.  Do you believe you can heal?  Guess what - no matter how you answered that question, you are right!

Did you say "no, I cannot heal"?  Then you are absolutely right.  If you have that belief it would be very difficult for you to channel any healing power either to yourself or to others.  So you cannot heal.  Not because it is not possible for you to heal, but because you are conditioned by your beliefs.

Did you say "yes, I can heal"?  Then you are absolutely right.  If you have a strong belief in the power of healing, and believe it is possible for you to channel healing power, then you can do so.  Not because your mental or spiritual powers are better than the powers of those around you, but because you are conditioned by your beliefs.

We all have within us amazing abilities if we are prepared to acknowledge them.  Those abilities include healing powers.

The healing we can give, to ourselves and to others, is across a wide range of conditions.  This includes mental and physical ailments.  It includes minor and major illnesses.

Be careful, though, that you do not misuse this power.

What do I mean by misuse?

Firstly, I mean do not assume that if we have the power to heal we do not need medical science.  Some of you may be members of a religious group that believes its followers should not consult doctors and only pray in order to receive healing.  This is not my belief.  But if you are a member of such a group you do not need me to tell you about the power of healing anyway.  It is not my mission to change anyone's religious beliefs, so I will not be drawn on whether or not what such people believe is right.  But to the rest of my readers, I implore you to seek proper medical care when you are ill.  I am not encouraging you to replace medical science with the mental and spiritual power of healing.  Just to add mental and spiritual power to the efforts of medical professionals.

Secondly, do not raise false hopes.  Yes, miracles do happen.  There are cases of people with "incurable" illnesses being completely cured through healing power.  There are cases of people who have been given only days or weeks to live being treated effectively by healing power.  But there are no guarantees.  Please do not give false hope to such people or to their families.

As long as you do not fall into the trap of misusing your healing power, begin to recognize today that you personally do have this power if you wish to use it.  Look for ways to nurture it and use it to be better and stronger yourself and to help those around you.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Law of Attraction.  Visualization.  Affirmation.  Vision Board.  Mind Movies.  Manifesting.

You have probably come across all these words and phrases at some point.  But which one is the odd one out?  The last one.  The first five are techniques you can use in order to be successful, in order to manifest whatever it is you really want.  Whether or not you use some or all of these techniques, one thing I can guarantee - you are manifesting something.  The question is - what?

For most people, what they are manifesting is not what they want.  But that does not mean they are not manifesting.  They are doing it all the time.  The universe is responding to the commands they are giving.  It is just that they do not realize what those commands are, or that they are giving them.

Myths and fairy tales contain a great deal of truth.  They are often a way of passing on a truth that we might miss if we were told it outright.  Do you recall, as a child, hearing the story of the genie who had to give three wishes to his "owner" (usually the person who rubbed a lamp that allowed the genie to escape)?  Inevitably, the person making the wishes didn't phrase those wishes correctly, with the result that they got exactly what they wished for but were unhappy with what that was.  I remember reading those stories and thinking how silly the "hero" of the story was.  Fancy having all that power and using it to make the wrong wish come true!  What I didn't realize as a child is that this fairy tale, like most, hides a true story which has meaning for every one of us.  The only real difference is that we are not limited to three wishes.  We can make as many wishes as we want, and our genie will make them come true.  That is the power of manifesting.  But just like the unfortunate people in the fairy tale, most of the wishes we make are not in our best interests at all.

Once you know that you are continually manifesting it is easier to decide that you will manifest what you really want.  It makes no difference to the universe.  If you ask it for something that is not what you really want, it will still give it to you.  And then you will complain that you never get what you want.  A fatal mistake!  Because of the way manifesting works, by making such a complaint you will be asking the universe for more of the same - and it will respond by giving you more of what you don't want.

The key to manifesting what you really want is to learn the language of the universe and then to use that language.  I don't mean "language" as in English, French, Chinese, Urdu etc.  It is a language without words.  Or, rather, the language hidden behind those words.  This language is positive, not negative.  It is free from guilt.  It knows, without question, that the universe will respond in the right way.  And it is thankful for what the universe has given - even before anyone can see that it has given it.

Now that you know you are always manifesting, start using those techniques I have listed.  Each one builds on all the others.  You will find plenty of material on each if you search for it.  A lot is right here in my blog.  For those of you who have subscribed to my e-mails, you will find plenty more, as I am constantly searching out the very best programs and letting my subscribers know about them, as well as giving links to free training.  If you have not already subscribed, do so now by going here:

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Escape from Prison

"If you want to get ahead, you have to make sacrifices and work all the hours God gave!"

Has anyone ever said that to you?  For that matter, have you ever said that to yourself?

This belief is so common that I am sure, in one form or another, this has been said to you so many times that deep inside you really believe it to be true.  Even if you don't consciously think this way, subconsciously you probably do, without even realizing it.

Many people, on hearing this (or something very like it), have decided that they are simply not going to bother.  They don't want to sacrifice time with their friends and family.  They don't want to work themselves into an early grave.  So they opt out of the race to success.  They know that they are never going to make it without sacrificing more than they are willing to sacrifice.  And so they give up.

Most people I meet fall into one of these two camps.  Either they are working so hard they don't have time to stop and smell the roses, or they have thrown away all the ambitions they had when they were younger because they know they will never achieve them.

Do you fall into either of these two categories?

If so, you are missing a vital trick!

It is simply not true that the only way to become successful is to make unacceptable sacrifices.  You only believe that because you have been told it too many times, and now even repeat the mantra to yourself.  This creates an inner block which makes it virtually impossible for you to be successful.

For as long as you have this inner block it is as though you are in prison.  But in a prison cell you created for yourself.  And a prison cell for which you have the only bunch of keys.

There are several doors you must pass in order to break out of that prison, and you have a key to each of those doors.

The first door you must open is the one to the room that tells you what it is you really want.  Surprising as it may sound, most of us do not know what we really want.  You will need to sit quietly as you reflect on what it is you think you want and see what bubbles up to the surface.  If you do this properly you will probably find what you really want is quite different from what you thought you wanted.  Once you have opened this door you are well on your way to freedom from your self-imposed imprisonment.

The next door is one labelled "It is ok!".  What do I mean by this?  I mean whatever it is you really want, you have to know that it is ok to want it!  Recognize that the Universe (or God, if you prefer) really wants you to succeed.  You have a destiny you can fulfill if only you will recognize it.  Once you really become aware of this you will feel really positive.  And that positivity will propel you forward towards your goal.

Then there is the door labelled "Visualize".  Having found your real goal, and recognized it is right for you to achieve it, you need to find ways to focus your emotions on achieving it.  Some people refer to "affirmations".  As long as you invest those affirmations with a strong positive emotion, and repeat them in the present tense rather than as a hope for the future, then this is a good way to move forward.  Some people refer to a "vision board", on which they put pictures of whatever it is they want to achieve and what their life will be like when they have achieved it.  Again, this is good.  However you do it, visualize yourself having achieved success.  Feel what it is like.  Immerse yourself in it.  Know that you have achieved it.

Unlock these three doors and you are well on the way to escaping from the prison you have made for yourself and achieving the success of which you have always dreamed!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Try this exercise.  In one short sentence, without using your name, write down who you are.

When someone asks who you are, your answer will usually depend on the context.

If, for example, you are stopped by a security guard as you enter a company's offices, you will probably identify yourself in terms of why you believe you have a right to be there.  For example "I am a new employee and I was asked to report to reception".

But if you are asked the same question in no particularly special context, you probably answer with your name.  That is what identifies you.

How did you answer?

As I told you not to use your name you probably used a different label.  Perhaps your job title and the name of your employer - e.g. "I am an accountant working for Grant Thornton".  If you are studying, maybe you wrote down "I am a business student at Harvard University".  

Or maybe you have used a more personal label.  "I am a loving husband and father", or "I am a loving wife and mother".

Whatever label you may have used, that is not the real "you".  It is a mask you hold up to the world.

What IS the real you?

Hidden behind the various labels you use are many thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Your identity may just be a name, job title or a face to those around you, but it encapsulates far more than this to you.

Try answering the question again, but this time don't use any labels.  Dig deep.  Identify the image you have of yourself.  You may need to spend some time doing this, coaxing the image out.

Once you have identified your self-image, see how comfortable you are with it.  Is it a good image?  How does it make you feel?  Is there anything about it you would like to change?

You will probably find some negatives within it.  Re-write your image but replace those negatives with positives.  I suggest you attach a photo of yourself to the page where you have your modified self-image.  That way, you will begin to associate the image you want to have of yourself with your picture.  Eventually your subconscious mind will automatically assume that this new and improved image is the real you.

Someone I know who exudes confidence and has a great ability to inspire others, does a very simple exercise every day.  He stands in front of a mirror and tells himself he is a wonderful, handsome man.  He has always done this from his early teens.  When he started doing it, he didn't really believe it, but because he kept telling himself the same things every day eventually he DID believe it.  More importantly, so does everyone with whom he comes into contact!  His positive self-image is contagious.  What he does every day is quite similar to what I am asking you to do once you have identified what you want your self-image to be.

This may sound simple.  Other than the need to dig deep and make your true self-image emerge, it IS quite simple.  But don't let the simplicity deceive you.  This is an extremely powerful technique.  Use it properly and your self-confidence will improve by leaps and bounds.  You will find yourself behaving in ways you never imagined possible.  A massive return for not a great deal of effort.

Get working on your self-image today and be prepared to see big, positive changes!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

What is the most powerful force in the Universe?

Is it gravity?  Certainly gravity is a powerful force.  It takes a lot of power to overcome it.  Gravity is what keeps our sun in one piece, rather than allowing it to fall apart.  It is what keeps us orbiting the sun rather than flying off into outer space.  Be very thankful for gravity.  None of us would be alive without it.  But gravity is not the most powerful force by any means!

How about the "weak force".  It doesn't sound a very promising candidate.  But the name is a bit of a misnomer, as it is actually ten trillion times more powerful than gravity!  Wow!  That is what I would call a strong force, not a weak force!  The weak force is responsible for nuclear decay and nuclear fission.  The power that was unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  But the weak force is not the most powerful force in the universe (as you probably gathered from the name).

Electromagnetism is far more powerful than the weak force.  It is a hundred billion times more powerful than the weak force.  Electromagnetism is what stops you simply falling through the earth.  So is it the most powerful force in the universe?

No, it is not.  According to physicists, the "strong nuclear force" is the most powerful force.  The strong nuclear force is what keeps atoms from disintegrating.  Nothing physical could exist without the strong nuclear force.

But the physicists are wrong when they say any physical force such as gravity, weak force, electromagnetism, or the strong nuclear force is the most powerful in the universe.  None of these, in my view, deserves the title.

Without doubt, the most powerful force in the universe is Love.

Sometimes Love crystallizes as a physical force.  Nowhere near as strong as any of the above forces in its physical guise, but still very strong.  On Good Friday in 1982, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Angela Cavallo lifted a 1964 Chevy Impala (weighing about 3,500 pounds, or 1,600 kilos).  Why?  Because it had fallen on her son, Anthony, and she wanted to stop it crushing him.  She held it for around 5 minutes until help appeared and her son was pulled out, fortunately still alive.  Could you, under normal circumstances, lift 3,500 kilos and hold it for 5 minutes?  I doubt it, unless you have trained for a long time as a weight lifter - which Angela Cavallo had certainly not done.  The reason Angela could is that she was powered by love.

Again, I stress that physical force was nowhere near as strong as the four physical forces I have listed.  The real power of Love is not physical, but spiritual and emotional.

Do you want to possess the most powerful force in the universe?  Then work on developing and expanding your Love.  Love for your spouse or partner.  Love for your family and friends.  Love for all around you - even for those you do not like.  Love for all humanity.  And perhaps most importantly, Love for yourself.

The more Love you have, the more you will achieve for yourself and for others.