Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Do you believe in healing?  I don't mean the kind of healing you get from doctors.  Nor do I mean "alternative medicine" such as homeopathy for example.  I mean using the power of the mind to heal.

Let me slightly rephrase the question.  Do you believe you can heal?  Guess what - no matter how you answered that question, you are right!

Did you say "no, I cannot heal"?  Then you are absolutely right.  If you have that belief it would be very difficult for you to channel any healing power either to yourself or to others.  So you cannot heal.  Not because it is not possible for you to heal, but because you are conditioned by your beliefs.

Did you say "yes, I can heal"?  Then you are absolutely right.  If you have a strong belief in the power of healing, and believe it is possible for you to channel healing power, then you can do so.  Not because your mental or spiritual powers are better than the powers of those around you, but because you are conditioned by your beliefs.

We all have within us amazing abilities if we are prepared to acknowledge them.  Those abilities include healing powers.

The healing we can give, to ourselves and to others, is across a wide range of conditions.  This includes mental and physical ailments.  It includes minor and major illnesses.

Be careful, though, that you do not misuse this power.

What do I mean by misuse?

Firstly, I mean do not assume that if we have the power to heal we do not need medical science.  Some of you may be members of a religious group that believes its followers should not consult doctors and only pray in order to receive healing.  This is not my belief.  But if you are a member of such a group you do not need me to tell you about the power of healing anyway.  It is not my mission to change anyone's religious beliefs, so I will not be drawn on whether or not what such people believe is right.  But to the rest of my readers, I implore you to seek proper medical care when you are ill.  I am not encouraging you to replace medical science with the mental and spiritual power of healing.  Just to add mental and spiritual power to the efforts of medical professionals.

Secondly, do not raise false hopes.  Yes, miracles do happen.  There are cases of people with "incurable" illnesses being completely cured through healing power.  There are cases of people who have been given only days or weeks to live being treated effectively by healing power.  But there are no guarantees.  Please do not give false hope to such people or to their families.

As long as you do not fall into the trap of misusing your healing power, begin to recognize today that you personally do have this power if you wish to use it.  Look for ways to nurture it and use it to be better and stronger yourself and to help those around you.

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