Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Law of Attraction.  Visualization.  Affirmation.  Vision Board.  Mind Movies.  Manifesting.

You have probably come across all these words and phrases at some point.  But which one is the odd one out?  The last one.  The first five are techniques you can use in order to be successful, in order to manifest whatever it is you really want.  Whether or not you use some or all of these techniques, one thing I can guarantee - you are manifesting something.  The question is - what?

For most people, what they are manifesting is not what they want.  But that does not mean they are not manifesting.  They are doing it all the time.  The universe is responding to the commands they are giving.  It is just that they do not realize what those commands are, or that they are giving them.

Myths and fairy tales contain a great deal of truth.  They are often a way of passing on a truth that we might miss if we were told it outright.  Do you recall, as a child, hearing the story of the genie who had to give three wishes to his "owner" (usually the person who rubbed a lamp that allowed the genie to escape)?  Inevitably, the person making the wishes didn't phrase those wishes correctly, with the result that they got exactly what they wished for but were unhappy with what that was.  I remember reading those stories and thinking how silly the "hero" of the story was.  Fancy having all that power and using it to make the wrong wish come true!  What I didn't realize as a child is that this fairy tale, like most, hides a true story which has meaning for every one of us.  The only real difference is that we are not limited to three wishes.  We can make as many wishes as we want, and our genie will make them come true.  That is the power of manifesting.  But just like the unfortunate people in the fairy tale, most of the wishes we make are not in our best interests at all.

Once you know that you are continually manifesting it is easier to decide that you will manifest what you really want.  It makes no difference to the universe.  If you ask it for something that is not what you really want, it will still give it to you.  And then you will complain that you never get what you want.  A fatal mistake!  Because of the way manifesting works, by making such a complaint you will be asking the universe for more of the same - and it will respond by giving you more of what you don't want.

The key to manifesting what you really want is to learn the language of the universe and then to use that language.  I don't mean "language" as in English, French, Chinese, Urdu etc.  It is a language without words.  Or, rather, the language hidden behind those words.  This language is positive, not negative.  It is free from guilt.  It knows, without question, that the universe will respond in the right way.  And it is thankful for what the universe has given - even before anyone can see that it has given it.

Now that you know you are always manifesting, start using those techniques I have listed.  Each one builds on all the others.  You will find plenty of material on each if you search for it.  A lot is right here in my blog.  For those of you who have subscribed to my e-mails, you will find plenty more, as I am constantly searching out the very best programs and letting my subscribers know about them, as well as giving links to free training.  If you have not already subscribed, do so now by going here:

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