Wednesday, 22 January 2014

3 Lies You Tell Yourself About Money


Andrew A. Block

Did you know that your attitude toward money affects many different aspects of your life. How you feel about money and wealth affects not only the amount of money a person tends to accumulate but also how happy they are in life. Changing the way you look at income, investing and wealth can literally change your life as well as make you a happier person, in general.

We are all brought up in a society where we are taught many different things concerning money and wealth. Your parents, teachers and society didn't mean to warp your mind or harm you but there are several thoughts that most of us feel are true without even thinking about it. These teachings might be somewhat true but they are taken a bit out of context.

First, the belief that you need money to make money is sometimes taken a gospel truth. If you feel that you are doomed to the social class or tax bracket that you currently inhabit, this might be a belief that you hold to be true. You see wealthy people who are able to invest large sums in stock and business ventures. They reap big rewards and a loss is only a small sum of what they own so it barely phases them.

While it might be true that it's easier to invest large sums of money and lose large sums and still survive for the world's wealthiest individuals, everybody had to start somewhere. Most of the world's most successful people started with nothing or lost everything and had to rebuild their empire a time or two. Belief, desire and a dream were their leverage and it can be the same for you if. It is often their thoughts or vision that make them their wealth and not simply investing in the right stocks or businesses.

Next, many of us believe that in order for us to make large sums of money, it must come from someone else. We believe that wealth is a zero sum game. This means that in order for us to have something it must be taken away from someone else. We become rich while someone else becomes poor. If we have any sort of heart or soul, this can be troubling and it can cause you to subconsciously resist wealth and money.

The truth is that wealth comes more often when you help other people. The world will gladly fill your pockets if you can solve some of their biggest problems. If you can build a better mouse trap or find a way to provide value or save people time and effort then the world will beat a path to your door. Greed demands that we take from others. Wealth is about helping others and providing value and making lives easier and happier.

The last lie that we have all been told is that money is the root of all evil. Most of us have heard this and been taught it since we were children. You might even despise wealthy people and their apparent greediness. In your mind you might even worry that you will lose your friends and family if you were to become rich. You worry that you'd change and become arrogant or that people will become jealous and despise you because of how much money you have.

Here's the truth. You don't have to change a thing after you become rich. Money doesn't have to change you. It is your choice how you live your life and how you treat people. Other people's jealousy is their own problem. You have a life to live and probably people that you wish to take care of. Do you really want to sacrifice their happiness because of what other people will think? Greed and being willing to do anything for money is evil. Providing value to the world and solving some of the world's problems should be a goal that we strive towards. The money or wealth is only a byproduct of wanting to help others.

Your thoughts about money and your fears about how it might change your life are just a few aspects of investing and wealth building that all of us struggle with. Being able to wrestle these misguided thoughts into submission and replace them with more positive thoughts can change how wealth comes to you in your life. Often our subconscious holds us back and keeps us from becoming wealthy. We are done before we have even begun all thanks to our own mind. Conquer your mind and you can conquer the world. You have grand thoughts and big things that you wish to do in this life and the world is willing to pay you handsomely for helping.

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  1. Thanks for the fine article! After decades of trying to get out of the loser cage I feel humilated, but not hopeless. This world is so hard: 85 owns more than poorest 3,5 billions, it is a devastating fact....but hope is there...

  2. I also have tried and failed,but giving up is not an option....

  3. I have tried and tried and tried but would try again