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Creative Visualization Techniques

Creative Visualization Techniques

Author: Kisha Scott

Everything you have in life, people, events or circumstances, you have attracted them by the virtue of the images you hold in your mind. This is known as visualization. Since childhood we have been building images in our minds either consciously or unconsciously. No matter what the images are whether things we want or those we don't won't they eventually come to us.

Our subconscious mind knows things in form of images. Ask any successful person and analyze the predominant images they constantly hold in their subconscious mind, you will find their life is an ultimate result of those images. Any thought which appears as images in our mind when held for long periods of time manifest in physical equivalent. Thus by means of creative visualization, we can begin to deliberately create the images of our goals and achieve them. This is the secret to success.

Studies have shown that successful athletes before appearing in an actual game first visualize themselves as winners and feel as if it has already happened. In this way, they train their mind to act exactly in accordance with the visualization. Aside from sports, this visualization exercise holds true in every area of your life from wealth to health to happiness, etc. Be honest and analyze the past mental pictures that you have been visualizing since childhood and you will find how those picture and your life match.

Creative Visualization technique

Find a quiet place, sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Take few deep breaths in to settle your awareness. Imagine the fresh life force energy entering your lungs and spreading to every part of your body. Relax your whole body starting from toes to head and imagine it glowing with Divine white light. You may say yourself ‘Relax…relax…relax' silently. Now make a clear and vivid picture of any goal you want to achieve. It may be wealth, health or happiness in relationship. Imagine the end result of the goal as clear as possible. For example, you may want to travel around the world but you are hopeless because you thought of insufficient money or any other impossibility you acknowledged. During this visualization meditation, picture yourself traveling around the world, you may see yourself standing in front of Eiffel Tower, feeling the fresh breeze touching your skin, you are feeling alive, may be you are with your loved one or any close friend you care about. You see people around you moving, children playing on other side and your favorite music being heard from a neighbor house. Now feel this feeling of aliveness and fulfillment in your body, what color is it, size and shape.

It is recommended if you do this exercise 10 minutes before you go to bed and 10 minutes after getting up in the morning. This is all you have to do. Don't be hopeless if things don't work out. Persistence is the key. You will have to do this visualization until those images are successfully embedded in your subconscious mind. Remember to pick up one goal at a time. Universe won't understand if you mix up multiple goals. After several days of doing visualization, you will find your life in control of yourself and your ability to change circumstances.

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This article was written by Kisha Scott, who says:

Wishing you Success, Freedom, and Prosperity! My greatest knowledge has been attained from my love to teach! My hopes now are to motivate and help others pave their way to prosperity and success!

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