Wednesday, 13 March 2013

3 Manifesting Abundance Affirmations


Martin Woodchild

Manifesting abundance is something that most of us would like to do in our lives - there's always room for more "stuff" in our lives and sometimes it's even "stuff" that we want. Abundance often falls into this category and a lot of the time, we equate abundance with more money in our lives.

Affirmations are a good way to help our minds focus on what we want. Here are some affirmations you can use on a regular basis to help you with manifesting more abundance into your life.

The Universe provides me with all that I will ever need

This is a good one to start with. Most people's minds are perfectly happy to accept this assertion because, at its deepest level, it is simply true. Everything we have is ultimately provided by the Universe. Whether you believe in a creation force or ultimate being or not.

We can't magic up things out of thin air (apart from maybe our thoughts, but we're not going to go there in this article). So they have to be provided by the things around us, which ultimately means the Universe.

I celebrate life

This affirmation is simple to remember, which is always a bonus.

And if you even only begin to follow this celebration of life, you'll find that your whole body vibration begins to change. In turn, this will attract good things into your life including more abundance.

Smiling and happiness, which are both parts of the idea of celebration, are infectious. OK, you'll get the odd grumpy person who growls at you and asks why you're being so happy. And quite a lot of people who'll wonder how you're managing to be so cheerful.

But they'll gradually either get won over to your celebration or they'll seek other people to drain the energy from. If it's the former, the celebration will grow ever bigger. And if it's the latter then you're almost certainly better off without their influence.

I am abundant

This abundance affirmation is actually more of a mind-leap for a lot of people.

The trouble is, we look around and quite likely see evidence where other people have more abundance in their life than we have. Which we then translate to the negative idea that we're not as abundant as we'd like to be.

Unless you're living on a street corner in a cardboard box, chances are that your life is actually full of abundance. You're just not recognizing it.

Maybe you're seeing the proverbial glass as being half empty rather than half full.

Whatever the reason, adding this short and memorable affirmation to your list can help to create small, subtle, shifts in the way your mind works.

Maybe not today or tomorrow but almost certainly in a week or two's time, there will be some changes for the better in the way your mind deals with the concept of abundance.

And that's probably the most important thing to remember when you are moving towards a more abundant lifestyle. The Japanese method of lots of small, continuing, improvements works just as well in our lives as it does on a production line. Maybe even better when it comes to manifesting abundance.


  1. Mthike Livhuwani13 March 2013 at 10:09

    Thank you for the insight,, indeed we need abundance in our lives for we all love and dream of success in all aspects of lives. Thank you Graham.

  2. Thank you for this article Graham!

  3. Thank you for sending this to me, abundance does help with everything in your life and keep with the positive mind.
    Thank you Carrie

  4. Thank you sir for the article and reminder.

  5. Thank you...I am appreciative....also good to have gratitude I'm learning! So thankful

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  7. Appreciation is the key to everything, isn't it?! Thanks for the reminder. Feeling abundant brings more abundance. Funny how something so simple can be tricky to achieve sometimes. Hugs, Carole

  8. Very helpful information here and was needed
    Thanks Grsham!!!

  9. Very well put if only all people understood that success, failure are all subjective and our state of mind.What is success for one individual may seem like failure to another but celebration of life is objective and wonderful if you grasp the concept

  10. Great article! I feel better already. More please!

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