Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What Do You Do With Shiny Objects?


Wendy Bottrell

My question and thought for today is what do you do with Shiny Objects? Now this many seem like a crazy question, so allow me to explain.

I have a couple of huge passions in my life; one is helping people to be healthier through coaching and a passion for business, especially learning about online marketing. Now when it comes to business I learn quite a bit that I take back to the health and fitness side of what I do.

Over the past year, I have spent a great deal of time learning about online marketing and blogging about health/wellness.

In the online marketing world, there has been much talk about Shiny Objects! You see there is so much free information online with big promises and really, these are simply Shiny Objects! These Shiny Objects really do not provide value. All they do is take the focus away from the business goals.

Now the same is very true for health and wellness! There are all kinds of distractions for your health and wellness. A night out on the town might be a huge distraction, you know what we say, "I was good all week so this won't hurt", or the article that tells you a certain food is OK to eat, yet you know in your heart is not good for your health however, you ignore that intuitive feeling.

The T.V. commercials for the latest and greatest processed food product that is in no way healthy and yet you are the first one in your neighborhood to get it because of the promises of good health. Alternatively, the commercial for the new drug that amazingly, when they read out all the symptoms you are off to the doctor to get your free trial sample.

These are just a couple of the examples of the Shiny Objects that take us away from our good health and wellbeing.

It is time to take a stand and realize those Shiny Objects must be removed from day to day living. It is time to realize what path you are on and where it is leading you. Are you on a path for health and wellbeing or the sickness path?

Have you created your health and wellness goals? Do you have a plan on where you are going to be 20 years from now when it comes to your health? Creating this kind of goal will allow you to remain on your path and those Shiny Objects will not be a concern for you!

Creating a plan for health and wellbeing can be very simple. Create a list of 10 goals you would like to achieve for your health and wellbeing over the next year. Now pick three of those goals that are the most important for you right now. Make a Specific Plan on how you will achieve each of the three. The three are now your complete commitment and everything you did not circle becomes "avoid no matter what"! You now get to focus completely on your three until you succeed! It is really that Simple!

Allow today to be your day. Talk soon,

Wendy Bottrell,

Personal Trainer/Gluten Free Living Coach


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