Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hidden Talents


Shell Mendelson

One of my very favorite Career Exploration books is called Zen and the Art of Making a Living by Laurence Boldt. This book originally came out in 1991 and has been updated with a 2010 edition. One area in particular caught my eye that I'd like to share with you, in my own way, with regard to releasing the talents within you. Some of you may be asking yourself, what are my talents? Or, how do I clear the way to ultimately express my talents. Because if you're not using the talents, gifts and skills you were meant to use in your work, it's no wonder you're just not enjoying yourself or looking forward to going to work everyday!

Laurence Boldt says that with attitude and creativity, you can ACT your way to the full release of talent.


A is for Attitude: When it comes to unleashing your talents, ATTITUDE is truly one of the key ingredients. In this case, it's about having an attitude that will "give you energy" for the full release of it. That means that "self-pity" will not move us forward, and therefore, there is no room in our life or in anyone's who wants to unleash his or her true talents. It involves creating a more active inner or spiritual life - "quickening your imagination." Bring to your work a spirit of gratitude. Be glad to be alive and happy to have the opportunity to work, to give in any capacity. Practice attitude while doing any work, however, menial, monotonous or mundane it may seem. Do not resent work - embrace it. By doing so, we will begin to experience enjoyment.

C is for Creativity: "Creativity requires still greater inner aliveness - a more active imagination, and so is more pleasurable. To be resourceful, we must first accept things as they are, then go on to make a masterful arrangement of them. For example, because one is poor, he or she needn't live in a way that is not beautiful. The creative, resourceful one will make of his or her clothing and home beautiful arrangements that show love and humanity. Creative resourcefulness is bold and confident, unafraid of obstacles or difficulties, using them as catalysts to spark ever greater achievement."

T is for Talent: I think I love this one the best. "Talent is the final expression of joy in work." Attitude says: Don't resent. Creativity says: Invent, arrange, play. Talent is silent - bliss. While practicing our talent, our art, we are not." We have forgotten ourselves (think - "where did the time go?). To forget oneself is the greatest of all pleasures - the ultimate joy. One who has not developed attitude is frustrated - time, self-remembrance-weigh heavy on us. Attitude frees; creativity, still more; but in the expression of talent, we become the slayer of time. We enter into the timeless. When we are fully expressing our strongest talents, our joy is complete.

So today, let's remember the things that create timelessness in our lives - how can we bring that energy into our work lives? Every time I get to see one of my clients light up with an "ah ha," moment that takes them to another level in developing a new or redeveloped career direction, I think, "I could do this all day and be happy." Use your talents for the highest good and watch time go by as you enter that blissful state of mind.

To your career and life success!

About the Author:

Shell Mendelson, MS, has been a Career Path Counselor for over 22 years, and trained directly with Richard Bolles, Master Career Counselor and author of What Color Is Your Parachute. She has helped thousands from teens to retirees find their passion and career calling. Shell is the founder and former CEO of KidzArt, an international art education franchise in 29 states and 8 countries. To learn more about her services, call 830-626-6334, email Shell at or visit and receive your FREE SIX MINUTE GOAL SETTING EXERCISE that you can do individually, with a partner or with your family


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