Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Powerful Computer

Imagine you are responsible for a very powerful computer.  A computer that will create anything you want.  Not just design it, but create it.  Lock, stock and barrel.

There are just two little problems.

The first problem is that, because it is a computer, it has no way of knowing what you meant to tell it, only what you actually told it.  Whatever instruction you give it, that is the instruction it will follow – even if what you really meant to say was something different.

The second problem is that this gives you enormous power, so you must be really certain of what it is that you do want.

In order to master this computer, what you have to do therefore is spend some time carefully working out what you want it to create for you, and then spend more time making sure you create very clear instructions so the computer knows exactly what it is you want.

Now read those five paragraphs again, but this time leave out the first word, “imagine”.  You don’t really need that word, because you really are responsible for that very powerful computer.  Some people call it the subconscious.  Some prefer to call it the Universe.  And some will say it is a deity (and that you are not giving it instructions, but praying to it).  Actually it doesn’t matter what you call it, as the principle is the same.  So perhaps we will continue to call it the computer.

In order to achieve what you want in life, whatever that may be, all you have to do is learn to practise those two simple rules:
  1. Find out what it is you really want.  That may well be something quite different from what you think you want.  It often is.  Set aside some time to consider this very carefully.  Write down everything that comes into your head, no matter how unrealistic or strange it may seem.  Then study what you have written.  Start to find the pattern that is there.  See what really “clicks” for you.  Meditate on it.  Now write out the main things you know you really want, the things that have real meaning for you. 
  2. Visualize yourself having achieved what it is you want.  Picture it so clearly that you know it as a reality.  This is “creative visualization”, and it is the computer language you need in order to give the right instructions to that super computer inside you.

 Most people miss out both these steps, and then wonder why they never achieve what they want to achieve.  Spend time getting them both right and you will see enormous changes in your life.

There are many ways of doing Creative Visualization.  I find it is good to use a mix of methods – as long as each method you use really works.

One method is to create your own “Mind Movie”.  This is a term coined by Natalie Ledwell, who distributes a very ingenious system to let you create it and send the right message to your inner computer.  I use this myself and can assure you it works.  To get access to the Mind Movie system, just go here:

Another method is to use a pre-programmed “Mind Movie” which is already set up and ready to send the message without you having to anything other than to watch and listen to it.  This is called “Mind Movies Matrix”, as it is just like the programming used in the film “The Matrix” to make the hero perform impossible seeming tasks.  “Mind Movie Matrix” includes subliminal messaging and brainwave entrainment.  To find out more about this just go here:

Finally, you can let an expert take you right through all the steps you need in order to do your Creative Visualization properly.  I have found one of the best on the market is this one:

Now you have no excuse for saying you never get what you need or want.  You have all the tools you need to get everything you ever wanted.  Just use them!

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