Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Do you have any limitations?  If so, what are they, where did they come from and are you bothered about them?

I guess you probably answered "yes" to that first question.  We all have limitations of one degree or another.

Some limitations are there for a very good reason.  These are the ones I would call "moral limits".  I have clear moral limits.  Boundaries I will not cross no matter what.  These are limits I have set myself.  Some I "inherited" or learned in early childhood.  Others I have chosen over the years.  I am sure you have moral limits too - I certainly hope so.

Notice, though, I said "these are limits I have set myself".  They are not imposed on me.  I do not allow any organization or any other person to define those limits.  They are my limits.  Maybe they DID originally come from outside, but I have thought about and questioned each one to be certain it belongs.

But what about other limitations?  Not moral limits, but limits that prevent you achieving what you want to achieve in life.  Do you have any of those?

Probably the answer is "yes" again.  But this time you should recognize that these limits do not belong in your life and you do not have to accept them.  As long as you DO accept them they will continue to stop you achieving your goals.  But accepting them is your choice.  And if you wish, you can refuse to accept them any more and remove those barriers to happiness, wealth, freedom, and whatever else it is you desire.

I am not saying this will be easy.  Most things in life worth having require effort.  I am not saying you will immediately see there can be an answer.  For many limitations it seems it is impossible to remove the shackles.  What I AM saying is that if you look for a way to remove them you will eventually find that way.

If you have said "no, I have no limitations", great!  But I suggest you dig deep within and make sure you are not simply hiding the limitations that are really there.  Take some time to sit quietly and you may be surprised what arises.  If you find some, then treat them exactly the way I have indicated above.

We are all children of the Universe, and the Universe is entire within us, in all its power.  Embrace that power and use it to shatter the shackles of unnecessary limitations.  Resolve today to break through and begin achieving your goals!

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  1. Like all other course I have a limit. ME THAT RESTRICT to achieve more just solution of some of them. Indeed there are moments when you are hard, digging up the past can sometimes be very painful, in the end it still worth it, see history in a different light and knowledge that whatever happened there does not have to be the direction that I'm going today. These past experiences certainly do not determine my future, but I definitely learned a lot. Thanks for reminding, I'm happy when I see proof that I am not alone. Thank you.