Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Spirituality and Materialism

Do you believe personal development should be all about spiritual development?  Or for you is it all about manifesting wealth?  Or something in between?

There is a big debate about this.  Some people feel very strongly it should focus on spirituality and that any talk about wealth is selfish.  Others feel developing their spirituality is something best done in church and that it doesn't have any real meaning in their every day lives.

I certainly don't agree that spirituality is all about going to church (or the mosque, or temple, depending on your religion).  To me, spirituality is very much something that should be part of day to day life.

Much of what I study in the personal development field has a spiritual nature.  But certainly not all.  I believe I am a spiritual person.  But I am also materialistic!  Not in a negative sense - I don't believe material things are more important than spiritual things for example.  But I also believe that we live in a material world and that the material things around us are not there by accident.  We are intended to enjoy them.

So I am a mix of spiritual and materialist, and I hope many of my readers are too.

I want to improve my material lot in life, and so I practice manifestation.  I invite the Universe to bring me wealth and riches.  Is this wrong?  Many, unfortunately, would say it is, but I strongly believe it is the right way to live.

I should also point out that in order to have the Universe bring you material things you need to express love and you need to express gratitude.  Not just gratitude when you get what you are trying to manifest, but gratitude now for what you already have.  Love and gratitude are spiritual qualities, yet they are the essence of any really good training in how to manifest material things - certainly in any of the programs I use and promote.

It is important to have your priorities right.  Material things cannot bring lasting happiness.  I work on my inner spirit for that.  But if I acquire them in the right way, ethically and morally, and if I use them to improve the lot of others, then this is the right priority.

If you, too, want to be wealthier, if you want more money in the bank, a nicer home, a better car, then affirm this without guilt.  The Universe wants this for you too.  There is nothing immoral about it.  You are not endangering your spirit by wanting these things and going after them.  Go for it!  But work on improving spiritually too, and literally enjoy the best of both worlds.


  1. Graham you and I are of very similar mind sets. I choose to live this life along the same lines, and I go one step further. I've evolved to live my God given mandate to help others.

    Evolved To Serve...
    Everyone Needs Money - either for there debts or for an important GOAL.
    Not a business, it's a free service.

    Blessed Be!!! Deb Marshall

  2. Money is Immoral when used on discretionary items. Nobody needs -really, surround yourself with luxury, sporting expensive products, an electric car fulfills the same purpose of a Porsche BMW Mercedes Audi etc. A Smart watch does everything that Rolex makes and so on, accumulators should be dispossessed of Lust with the reason of being harmful to Mankind, and possessing -so obvious as serious, Mental Disorder. The Universe does not want rich people, Nature does not work that way, when left to one, missing for many, and believe me, .50 cents can save a life!. For you, who does not realize that the Earth is a living organism that dies every time you acelerated their SUV, explain to your offspring the sad future she inherits thanks to the possibility of human to exchange mobile phone with each new release and that if you not possessed one, your neighbor would think that the Universe does not like you...

    1. I agree we should take care not to harm the earth. I don't own an SUV and would never want to. My own car is an electric hybrid.

      But you are completely wrong when you say the Universe does not want rich people. The Universe is waiting to give you all you wish for if you will only ask.

      I am sad that so many people think the same way as you. When you think that way you are refusing the gifts the Universe (or God, if you prefer) wants to give you. You are also refusing the chance of being empowered to use your wealth for the good of mankind. Instead you can sit there thinking you are better than everyone else, but not achieve what you could really achieve to do so much good in the world.

  3. Dear Graham,
    thank you for sharing your wonderful and thought provoking insights into understanding how we interact with the cosmic and material world. Spirit and materiality are both necessary expressions of what we desire and who we are. We are spirits having a human experience.

    To me everything is spiritual and birthed on cosmic plane before it manifests. Everything is mind, and mind is the laboratory where we design the type of reality we want to experience, I digress, in most cases... Mind is a spiritual vehicle where we fashion our material desires and access our needs.

    To me one is just an involuntary extension of the other, like breathing....

    Keep up the good work of empowering and inspiring us with materials and refferals to help us realize our innate genius and potential.

    Yours in spiritual elevation,

    AEON Numerology
    Specializing in the science of Self Actualization