Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?  I would be very surprised if you haven't.  But what is the answer?

Would it surprise you to know that there are over 7 billion genuine, but different, answers?

The answer to the question "what is the purpose of life" is deep within you.  Or, rather, "what is the purpose of my life".  The word "MY" is key, and is the reason there are so many different answers.  We each have our own unique answer.

It is, of course, possible to generalize and thereby create a broad answer which fits many people.  For example, if I were to say "the purpose of life is to make the world a better place" I imagine many (but not all) of my readers would agree.  Some would want it phrased as "the purpose of life is to follow the will of God (or Allah)", but that would usually mean something very similar to the first generalized answer I gave.  Many others (those who believe in reincarnation) would agree that "the purpose of life is to learn important lessons", or "to become a better person".

My own view, actually, is that all four answers I have given in the above paragraph are true.  But do not feel that the answer for you has to fit within one or more of those models.  As I have said, there are over 7 billion answers, some of which will probably look quite different.

A broad answer, though, is really not good enough.  This is the most important question you will ever ask yourself.  You should dig deeper and find the answer which fits you.  The unique answer, the one in 7 billion which is what should be guiding your path through this life.

Tragically, most people never truly ask themselves this question.  They may ask it as a general question, not really addressed to themselves, and then decide there is no way to answer it.  If you pose it as a general question, then there IS no way to answer it.  The question must be specifically addressed to you as an individual, not as some broad philosophical enquiry.

If you go through life without ever asking yourself this question, and more importantly without getting an answer, you will waste your opportunity to make a difference.  If you do make a difference it will be more accidental than purposive.  You will also not be as happy as you should be, not feel as achieved, not gain the success you deserve.  After all, how can you be successful if you don't even know what "successful" means for you?  This is the reason you will find many people who would be regarded by most of us as "successful", yet who feel empty and not at all successful.  The success they have achieved is not fully aligned with their real purpose in life and therefore leaves them still feeling empty.

By now you may be asking "but how do I find my own purpose in life?"  That is a very good question.  Ask it!  Even by asking that question you are getting much closer to the answer than most people ever will, even those the world believes are successful.

Begin asking yourself this question, doing so regularly.  Don't get frustrated that there may not be an immediate answer.  Just sit and meditate with the question in mind.  Wait on the Universe, the Self, God, Allah, your Spirit Guide, or your Guardian Angel - whatever or whoever you believe will give you the answer.  Keep asking, and the answer will come.  And when it comes, make sure your desires and your goals are aligned with the purpose of your life.  Do this and you will be far happier and far more successful than the great majority who never even ask themselves this question.

What is the purpose of life?  I hope that soon you will be able to answer!


  1. Graham, this is indeed the universal and existential question that only a few people really take the time to seek the answer too.

    I find a visualization exercise that is very useful and practical, at least for me.

    Visualize yourself celebrating your eightieth birthday. You are surrounded by all your loved ones and friends. Your partner in life shares his or her views of you as a partner in life to the gathering. And what is said touches your heart and brings tears of joy.

    Visualize one of your children, your best friend, an ex-boss or ex-colleague, your neighbor, a young person you have mentored; a religious or spiritual person you admire; etc. all talking about you separately from their different perspective. Write what they say about you with your feelings and emotions.

    That person these people are describing is very close to your true and ideal vision of yourself. Being and becoming that person may be your purpose in life. At the very least, trying to become that person will bring happiness to your life. For most of us, this is indeed our purpose in life. However after taking the time to do this visualization exercise undisturbed, you will be in a much better position to start answering what is your purpose in life.

    Hope this is helpful. If it is, please share it.


    Kin Tue-Fee

  2. That is a good exercise Kin. It can also work in another way, the way the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come worked for Scrooge. You realize that people are not saying good things and having good memories of you, and it is not too late to change that.