Wednesday, 7 September 2016


No, this is not a blog about the 2011 film, or the follow-up 2015 television series.

I guess, though you could say those fictional entertainments share one thing with what I am about to say.  That is that none of us is using even a fraction of the power we have within us.

I am not talking about the unused fraction of our brains though, a fraction that is often stated to be nine tenths.  Particularly because most scientists would completely disagree that we only use 10% of our brain.  Those scientists say that we do actually use all of our brain, but that there is a lot of deliberate redundancy there.  So, depending on exactly where in the brain you do this, you may be able to cut out one part of the brain and still not lose any mental capacity.

I am not talking about the brain, which is physical, but I AM talking about the mind, which is not physical.  Some believe the mind is entirely based in the brain and is simply our experience of electrical activity in the brain.  I do not believe this.  I believe our mind is a spark of the Divine mind.  The power of the entire universe is within the mind.  It would be difficult to imagine this if the mind were simply electrical activity in the brain, as there would be clear physical limits.  If you believe you have no soul and when this life is extinguished so are you, then you may continue to believe that your mind is contained within the brain, and is in fact just a reflection of the electrical impulses passing through the brain.  But if, like me, you believe there is more to life than this, then you also believe that some part of you, whether you call it your mind, your soul, your spirit, or all three, is not constrained by the physical limits of the brain.  It is no big step from that belief to a belief that there is a Universal mind, which is limitless.

Jung touched on this a little when he wrote about the collective unconscious.  Our conscious mind is only the surface of a vast unconscious mind.  The conscious mind seems to be individual and separate, but the collective unconscious is what it says - collective.  It belongs to all of us.  Within it are "archetytpes", or universal symbols we all recognize and to which we all react in a similar way.  In some societies those archetypes are expressed as the gods, with a lower case "g".  Followers of the monotheist semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) either do not believe in these "gods", or believe they are evil, but this is really a misunderstanding of what they really are - archetypes.

Think of this collective unconscious as an ocean.  You can dive deeper and deeper in this ocean.  The deeper you dive the wider you find it becomes.  At shallower depths it may encompass only the unconscious mind of one part of mankind, but as you go deeper it includes the unconscious mind of the entire human race throughout the whole of time.  Eventually, if you were able to keep diving, you would find yourself face to face with God, not "gods".  Because in its entirety it IS God.

I have used the word God here, but if you prefer you can call it the Universe.  It is the collective unconscious of the Universe.  The entire power of the Universe is here.  And "here" is the depths of your unconscious mind.

Intellectually this is not something you can "know".  There is no scientific proof I can give you, because this kind of thinking is not subject to scientific proof.  You can neither prove this to be right nor to be wrong.  But it is something you can intuitively know.  Not through study, but just through convincement.  It is something that you will just "know" when you are ready for that knowledge.  An article such as this may bring you to that state, not through logical analysis, but rather as a catalyst.

When you know that the entire power of the Universe is deep within your mind (your mind, not your brain!) you will also know that you really are limitless.  Not like Eddie Morra in the film "Limitless"; despite the title he was still limited to a degree.  But the power of the Universe has no limits at all.  The Universe is limitless - and so are you!

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