Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Believe in Yourself


Ryan D Neely

You may have heard on multiple occasions that it is important to believe in yourself. You may have even responded when hearing the phrase with, "I do have faith in myself." However, the question I have for you is do you really have confidence in yourself?

Do you really believe that you can do the things you want to do? Do you truly think you can accomplish the goals you have set out to accomplish? Do you honestly see yourself living the life you have dreamed of living? Or, do you simply hope to see your dreams come true? Altogether, why do you and what leads you to believe in yourself?

There are many good reasons to have faith in your abilities. First, you must stand behind yourself in order to make things happen. Next, you must trust who you are and what you do so that others do too. Last but not the least, it is essential for you to have confidence in yourself in order to be who you were created to be.

As you begin to make things happen, your self confidence will be increased and you will draw attention from other people. They will see your motivation and determination and see you as somebody who they can depend on. After they see you as a dependable person, they will want to promote you as they will see you as someone they can trust.

When others respect your self confidence, they will not want to say anything bad about. Instead, they will want to be friends with you. Also, people of the opposite sex will want to date you.

Because of your courage, you will live the life you were put on Earth to live. You will meet the people you are supposed to meet. You will go to the places you are supposed to go and do what you are supposed to do.

Things that should lead you to believe in yourself are your goals, the people in your life, and your passions or desires. Your goals should encourage you to want to reach for the stars. The people in your life should show you the importance of loving people. Your passions and desires should lead you to seek the things you want and need to be happy. With all these things encouraging you, you will soon be lead to believe in yourself as you will have a good outlook for the future.

As you can see, believing in yourself is very important as your life depends on it. Therefore, never doubt yourself and complete your mission as you fulfill your destiny.

I hope this article has been very enlightening to you. If you enjoyed what you read, and would like more advice, check out my ebook entitled 100 Thoughts to Improve Your Life!


  1. Nice piece of work, thank you. It is always a pleasure to read your blog and anticipate that many will learn from you

  2. What if you are gay? What if God has a bigger plan for your life and that plan leads you through prison and the beginning of a new life? What if your family abandons you? What if your health fails? What if friends betray you, but through it all confidence and personal discovery develops and rock bottom is the foundation in which real life grows. Have you been lived through real fire and discovered what courage really means to believe in yourself? To believe in yourself is to be able to walk among thousands and stand alone, sure of yourself, no matter what anyone else says or thinks. Brave. Strong. Defiant. Knowing that you would die for what you believe in....YOU.

  3. Well Done! Thank you! Yolanda P.

  4. It's a daily battle, but one worth fighting!You have to in a sense rewrite the stories in your own mind and make yourself your own hero.Thanks for the reminder.