Saturday, 10 August 2013

Your Feelings Determine Your Reality


Muhammad Abdul Haq

The secret behind the law of attraction really comes down to common sense and paying attention not only to how you feel around certain people, but how the world reacts to you. It all begins with understanding how thoughts, feelings and perceptions alter your reality. For an example, have you ever been having a great day when all of a sudden a grouchy coworker or family member suddenly alters your mood in an instant? Well, the vibration you send out to the world around you can have the same effect on others, the perfect example of how your feelings determine your reality.

We all have to accept that the way we look at ourselves, and the vibes we wash over others, will shape the way we interact with the world (and the universe), and more importantly how it reacts to us. If you're living the life of your dreams, with enriching life experiences, you've already harnessed the secret law of attraction. If you're new to the law, with diligence and practice you can have it all as well.

The secret law of attraction is built around breaking negative habits and changing the way you feel to your core. If you act confident long enough, you'll start to feel more confident. On any average day we have nearly 60 thousand different thoughts; many are negative and can hinder us and limit the joy in our lives. If our thoughts are positive, life seems brighter and full of promise, ready to do whatever it takes to improve upon ourselves instead of feeling depressed or and envious of others. Having negative, self depreciating thoughts and living in a place of lack will not help improve your life. You can learn to silence these negative feelings by letting go of your damaging cognizant thoughts. Learning to ignore your negative inner voices and embracing the constructive ones will help promote unimaginable changes in your life and positively affect the world's reaction to you. You'll feel proud about every accomplishment, be able to handle life's often challenging situations with a smile on your face, and love the process.

All of the positive changes you make will create a ripple effect in your life which will have a life changing effect on your finances, your relationships, your job opportunities, your health, and even strengthen your faith. Every aspect of your life will be enhanced by a change of attitude because your feelings determine your reality.

We all have the ability to change our feelings and create new, positive attitudes about ourselves and our circumstances. Just alter the feelings you want to change and replace them with the new empowering thoughts, repeating the words to yourself repeatedly with all your heart and soul, and be excited about it. Instead of saying things like "I can't do this!" Say "I can do anything I choose to and perfectly!" or "I'm too old" to "I have worlds of knowledge to share". Most important of all, take a chance; change your feelings and live the magnificent life you so deserve.

About the Author:

My name is M Abdul Haq and the Law of Attraction is my specialty. I am pleased to share with you the results of my life's research. It is my sincere desire that you, too, learn to use the Law of Attraction to get everything that your heart desires.  Visit to Create Your Perfect Reality Now!


  1. Thank you very much Abdul this is what I needed to learn this morning. I have lost trust in life. Now I will give it a go without fear. GOD BLESSINGS WILL BE WITH YOU FOREVER.

  2. Many thanks Abdul and Graham, great post, that's what I need to learn. Love from Portugal.