Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Asking the Universe For Help


Nick Grimshawe

Ask and be prepared to receive. Notice I didn't say receive, I said prepare to receive.

One of the most exciting aspects of joining the throngs of pilgrims on the great wide way is the knowledge we acquire about the astounding nature of the universe and its generosity.  Once you believe magic can happen...magic will.  The sad truth many people don't believe in magic anymore it's just kids stuff.

This links back to my purpose to inspire people to take the throw away the old conventions, and live out loud in an abundant and magical place full of the energy of God.

Magic is really simple.

If you ask and you honestly believe...without resistance...without too many self doubts... you will get an answer.

(Oh I am so excited.)

I get really passionate about this....with just a tiny little bit of work we can have the universe open it's secret heart to us.  Once that happens we are given access to the wonderful mystery of god.

For instance, a week or so ago I had a problem with uprising anger than seemed to come from nowhere.  When I finally just plain out and asked for help with insight came almost immediately!  It can happen in a flash of a moonbeam...or it can take a little while.

Here is an example of waiting for awhile.  I am writing a book...and using a working title which didn't really thrill me...and when nothing seemed forthcoming, I asked.  I asked quite awhile ago...but today...just as I said down to write this newsletter...and I opened myself up for the message to come....well out popped the title for my book "A Walk in Quiet Places: Inspiration for Your Quiet Moments"

I have a few rules that seem to help the process of asking and here they are.

1. Ask for answers.

Sounds simple right?  It is, but we love to complicate things in the belief that if it isn't complicated it's not true.  We think simplicity is the lie but its complication that holds the lie...for in this universe everything is ultimately simple.  The most elegant solutions are always the simple ones.

Asking for answers negates asking for things like a million dollars, because a million dollars does not require an answer.  Don't confuse the process of manifesting with the act of seeking answers: (that is a whole other [huge] topic).

2. Be prepared to receive the answer.

So what's the big deal about that?  It's like tuning in a radio station on a crowded dial, if you don't know the frequency of the station you want...your focus shifts to finding the station...not listening for the music.

The answer you are seeking can come in many forms: Out of the words in a book, on the soft morning breeze, while you gaze out to sea....while you are driving.  But if you are not being having your ear tuned for the answer you could miss it altogether.

And if you get impatient... if you throw up your hands in disgust and say "this doesn't work for me!" it of course...won't work.

And nagging for an answer won't work either.  Just let the question go...but stay alert, stay aware...the answer is seeking you.

3. Be prepared to record the answer.

I carry a note book with me everywhere!!!!!!!!  I also have a small recorder I am trying to make more use of.  As soon as you can...once the answer pops into your mind....write it down.  Just imagine if Mosses hadn't written down the Ten Commandments....and you see him a few days later, struggling to recall God's words....opps...don't want to go there.

Finally, how do you get into the groove, so that the magic begins to happen?

Daily practice....there is no other way.  Meditate, read, listen, ask, seek...learn...share...give. 

"Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired."  Source: Martha Graham

With Love 
Nick Grimshawe 
The SunShine Guy

About the Author:

Mr Grimshawe has been writing most of his life.  Currently he publishes two blogs, teaches list building and produces Beautiful Summer Morning Inspirational Quote of the Day, which is highly valued.  You can subscribe to the service at


  1. It seems that my youth may have used up my ability to put magic to practice. What I'm saying is really simple. I used the magic successfully for the entire first quarter of my life. As I grew older it seemed I had used up my quota of fulfilment. I've been unable to regain it since.

    I haven't given up. I continue to use the same practices I've always used. Practices that worked to perfection, every time. My friends of that prior time All were convinced that I was unfairly lucky. They simply didn't understand the laws of the universe. But as I said it's been so very long since the magic has answered my call.

    Non the less I continue to use the practice faithfully. I need the blessings more than ever.

    1. Much the same here, I'm now 55 and it left me 7 years ago.

    2. I tried not to be morbidly negative in my original post. I didn't want to leave that impression at all. I tried to show that I haven't given up.

      Something deep within is assuring, & reminding me, that the gift is never ending. Even in my darkest moments I can feel the existence of the promise..Seek and you will find, ask and it will be given to you. Very powerful and impossible to ignore.

      I'm a few years older than you. Time passes so quickly. I try to live in the very nanosecond of now. It's an amazing existence when captured fully.

      I guess I'm trying to say it's never too late. I'm so sure my requests are being heard and once again I'll find that as it always has my needs will suddenly materialise, leaving me seemingly breathless at it's magical quality.

    3. Graham thank you for this, I am impressed.
      I wish I could write as well but doing my best
      have a great Christmas

  2. Liked the article and I want practice it in my day to day life ...... "The Magical Universe"

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  4. Thank you for reminding me, to have hope, and Asking For Help

  5. enjoyed the article. I could see myself "complicating" things and then in the end, throwing my hands up and asking for help! Why do I feel the need to be moved to exasperation BEFORE asking? I am currently working on being mindful and absolutely asking for help, guidance, and wisdom before I waste valuable time.