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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind


Timothy Connolly

In this very important article on the human condition, we briefly discuss the subconscious mind and how its inner workings influence our lives in significant ways both positively and negatively. As well as this, we discuss and layout some practical steps to employ for reprogramming it, as to profoundly improve our lives and that of those around us. Through examining the role this mysterious part of our mind plays in shaping our very makeup, we can better understand why we respond in certain ways at any given moment.

Along with the basics of examining many powerful influences our subconscious mind exerts on our individual worldviews and actions, we will also offer some valuable systematic steps and process to begin modifying the subconscious in order to improve any areas of our lives. With better knowledge of the inner workings of our subconscious, and through tweaking its influence, we will be better equipped to rise above mediocrity and into a life filled with more awe and splendor. Let us be clear- awareness always coincides with an awakening event that catapults the individual into new, uncharted realities of perception. And it is no different when attempting alter ingrained, subconscious responses to life which can limit that which we ultimately perceive at any given moment. Truly, awareness is the starting mechanism that drives the proverbial "wake-up call".

I am of the persuasion that a great conscious awakening that is virtually void of the ego's influence is the essence of our current world paradigm shift occurring now. One could say the ongoing planetary zeitgeist we are now playing out is a coalescing of the human psyche' multiple facets that have been generated by our collective responses to life as a whole. We now appear to be blending divided minds, the soul, and ego along with our spiritual selves into a more "complete" and unhindered, fully expressed human. If we can agree on that basic premise, then we must also consider our subconscious mind's influential role that drives our thought process and actions that can provide fuel to another influential aspect of self- the ego.

While we are fragile humans indeed, we need not demonize the ego's role and importance in our lives; rather, recognize the subconscious is a primary fuel source helping in part by breathing life into the ego. In the context of psychology, an understanding exists that our personal identities are intimately linked with our egos and thus, without knowledge of this subconscious interdependency connection, life is often automatically in many ways driven solely by our ego and not primarily by our eternal, higher selves or true spiritual nature. Within this paradox, a disconnection from a more expansive interconnectedness view of all life can be rather easy to unknowingly fall prey to. This is one fair explanation of the false appearance of separation and or disconnection from others.

Life can sometimes be a confusing matrix of influential energies and thought forms- conscious/subconscious, egoic, higher/lower selves etc. which appear to merge in a chaotic dance, some leading and some following each other while the music of life plays on. Fortunately, now the music is becoming clearer, more synchronistic, and harmonious with each passing day making the choice for personal improvements more easily recognizable and individually adaptable.

Just what is the Subconscious Mind?

Simply stated, the mind is divided or segregated into two distinct regions- conscious and subconscious. Your mind's conscious portion is now active in its primary operation as you read these very words helping you to assimilate their meaning. On the other hand, in a simultaneous fashion and "below the radar", another portion of your mind, your subconscious is likewise absorbing and collecting this same information and forming its own conclusions based on historical references stored within a personalized, perception or awareness repository.

While going about its pre-programmed business working tireless behind the scenes under your conscious awareness, this amazing and immensely powerful part of our makeup is responsible in many ways for how we respond to all aspects of life. Each life event is continuously and automatically logged categorically into the subconscious without fail just as a dry sponge can absorb liquid. It rejects nothing. An amazing fact is, all this information collection begins at the earliest time in our lives- at infancy and never ceases. For example- ever wonder why children are so impressionable? Guess no more. A child's subconscious mind is nearly empty due to limited life experiences from which to gain a point of reference and ultimately influence the decision-making conscious mind.

The same can be true about individuals that for whatever reason have minimal experiences with life altering events or exposure to thought provoking intellectual concepts. One of the main reasons for this unique attribute is because it operates much like a cruise control or an autopilot hidden deep within the mind. Because of this collection and assimilation process, the subconscious mind quickly and continuously fills a repository gaining strength and influence by offering responses to current activity generated by the conscious or awakened portion of the mind. This cross collaboration of mental activity between the two minds is a completely natural activity and in normal mental conditions, is indicative of a healthy mind.

The subconscious portion of the mind appears at first to be an elusive part of our personal makeup. Moreover, as we have just read, the reason it seems elusive and inaccessible is in part, derived primarily through its method of operation. As life experience builds, so does the influential power of the subconscious mind in directing our lives without us fully able to comprehend its existence or influential role in life. Many do not recognize any of its actions and as a result, have difficulty acknowledging the importance or the value our subconscious mind offers because we generally have an inability to access this special place within our mind. Alternatively, with the lack of awareness, we do not possess the tools or knowledge required that could generate any desired changes to its contents.

Since the subconscious mind influences our thoughts and actions automatically, by the programming instructions or language from which it operates provided through our repository of collected beliefs, life experiences, and perceptions of the world around us, we can through specialized practice, consciously re-write our subconscious thoughts gaining more control over our lives.

Why Re-Program the Subconscious?

In consideration and appreciation of this vast, influential, and powerful component of our mind, most of us would prefer a life that continuously expands in a positive way, benefiting us individually and as a natural by-product, the well being of others. Once realizing this noble desire in a practical sense, the implications for enhancing all of life will eventually be profound, as we will become less unconsciously relational to one another.

By connecting the two minds cohesively in a meaningful way and acknowledging their interactions, we can begin the process to re-program portions of our subconscious mind that are responsible for self-sabotaging our best, highest intentions and desires. In the normal, daily course of life we occasionally encounter repetitive yet seemingly hidden symptoms stored in our subconscious that hinder experiencing our highest purpose usually displayed as more joy, productivity, success and balanced living. It is at this point when awareness arises and we begin to recognize something is affecting our actions and with the best intentions determine to resolve these conflicts within us.

This is the turning point filled with great opportunity! The best examples of these deeply hidden symptoms generated by the subconscious are those having a "memory signature" of significant emotional power. One such stored example is feeling rejection from someone you care for or love. At the next situation involving a perceived potential for rejection, our conscious mind will quickly receive an embedded conclusion from the subconscious to justify why rejection will happen. Even though this is a false assumption, you may unknowingly be the one rejecting in advance, any possibility to experience full acceptance that another person or situation may offer. The same goes for high, emotionally charged low self-esteem conflicts that where created every time you experienced the feelings of inadequacy, assumed failure or when someone implied or called you ignorant, worthless, lazy or worse!

All these negative connotations exude very powerful imagery that unless countered or removed entirely from your subconscious makeup, will lead to a lifelong cycle of struggle in many areas of your life. Reprogramming your subconscious to counteract the negatively charged embedded responses is not that difficult if you are willing to apply a few simple procedures that over time, will greatly improve your mental balance and outward response to life as a whole.

The How To

Fortunately for those who wish to venture into changing themselves for the better, a few established approaches are available to successfully re-program your subconscious mind. These methods overwrite unwanted responses by replacing them with a different or more positive oriented influences within the mental construct deep in the mind.

Your subconscious programming did not evolve overnight- it was solidified and strengthened each time a matching response was warranted and offered up in response to a conscious thought created in waking life. In consideration of this fact, a fundamental key to remember is these methods exponentially become more effective and produce rapid results through their consistent application. Below are five effective (and advanced) methods to begin the reprogramming process.

  • Visualization

The subconscious responds very well to visual stimuli. Viewing images that create pleasing and emotionally uplifting thoughts of appreciation, joy, and gratitude will plant positive imagery within the subconscious exactly as if you physically experienced them. The subconscious cannot differentiate real from the imaginary being as it is influenced by emotions only. Collect together pleasing imagery from any sources that you view to induce positive feelings. Repetition of viewing these images provide for an eventuality whereby the physical images are not necessary and at will, can be recalled anywhere anytime within the mind's eye.

  • Affirmations

There is no simpler way to inject positive messages into the subconscious. Create simple statements crafted in the present tense NOT future sense. For example- "I am" rather than "I will". There is no future sense only the present moment for the subconscious. This is a very important distinction. Match the words with corresponding feelings and images associated with the affirmative statement. Repetitive replay is the key to success using well-crafted affirmations so you can verbally or internally express them anytime, anywhere. These are very powerful when done correctly.

  • Environmental Influence

Some say we are a reflection of the company or environment we keep. It's true- everyone lives the reality they expect. External interactions with people, places, or events have the potential to exert mental impressions into the subconscious mind equally positive or negative. Your best guidance is to balance with the conscious mind and heart, an appropriate emotional response given the external influence regardless of the initial emotional response you feel. For example, when confronted with potentially unwanted experiences, filter your response by seeking out something about the event that is positive. Remain focused on any positive aspects to neutralize a negative response or unwanted influence from being placed into the subconscious.

  • Hypnosis

Here is a scientifically proven method which has withstood the test of time, and within a proper setting has immense potential to offer help. Under a trained practitioner, hypnosis can jumpstart subconscious reprogramming by effectively bypassing the conscious, filtering portion of our mind. This time saving, short-cut method is very effective for many since it quickly alters behavior through implantation of specific modification or belief statements into the subconscious. Typically one seeks out a well qualified expert in the field of hypnosis to facilitate personalized sessions to effect results.

  • Brain Entrainment

Another very popular method with similar effects to hypnosis without the need of a hypnotist is entrainment of the mind. Think- self-hypnosis. Modern science has revealed unique, variable frequencies our minds exhibit while in various mental states. If one were to induce via virtually inaudible influential statements or positive affirmations while you are in one of these specific brain frequencies states such as those present while in deep meditation, alterations to the subconscious can be quickly realized. Again, repetition of use is very important while employing this method. Many good sources of brain entrainment audios are widely available with most designed to target a focused, specific change within the subconscious. Equally important, some entrainment audios are well designed in that they are co-mingled with pleasing soundtracks.

Reprogramming Checkup List

Here are 17 points of light to remember, contemplate and apply habitually while inducing desired changes to your subconscious. Really, this is a lifestyle and noble undertaking which produces rich rewards both personally and in the greater world around you. So, below are some well know and lesser known, easily applied thoughts and actions to help you along facilitating a new, improved you! Find what resonates with you and notice what those feeling are (no matter positive or negative) when reviewing the list. This feeling-based response will provide you with valuable emotionally directed insights of those items which will improve your life the quickest when applied. Your higher-self is always your best guidance. That still, small voice never misleads you. Acknowledge this higher, unbiased guidance and reap phenomenal improvements in all areas of your life. Like they say- It's good to take a checkup from the neck up regularly.

  • First and foremost, believe in yourself.
  • Understand what is holding you back so you can overcome it.
  • Spend time in quiet self-reflection, prayer, or meditation at least once a day.
  • Guard everything that enters and leaves your mind.
  • Know what you want in very specific terms.
  • Remove all sources of negativity from your life.
  • Surround yourself with positive, success-minded people.
  • Create a realistic plan to attain your deepest desires.
  • Take positive steps each day toward what you want to attract.
  • Focus on the present - as if you have already attracted the things you want.
  • Create visual reminders of your goals and intentions.
  • Make a recording of your favorite affirmations or buy a self-hypnosis CD.
  • Avoid conflicting messages by matching your feelings with your desires.
  • Write a newspaper report about your success as if it has already happened.
  • Be an advocate for yourself, allowing praise and compliments.
  • Choose to carry a positive attitude at all times. œ Have an attitude of gratitude.

The Conscious Mind's Role

In closing, let us not vanquish the conscious mind in all this. It too has a valuable role in reshaping our sometimes-illusive subconscious mind. One of the best and note-worthy attributes of an awakened state is that of becoming aware of both our own thoughts and reactions to daily life with all its apparent distractions. We could easily imagine the conscious portion of our mind as the proverbial gatekeeper.

While as simplistic as this may seem, really for those of us who desire more joy in life, simplicity has great value and is not to be discarded in this valiant endeavor. Utilize and enlist the help of the left, analytical portion of your brain while at the same time, not ignoring the right brain's intuitive influence. By doing so, you have a powerful, to-the-point vigilant ally readily available to monitor and assist as you progress along.

Allow the conscious mind's gentle reminders of your thoughts and responses even actions you take among daily activities. By deliberately fine tuning your thoughts as the happen, is an important key that ultimately delivers the type of results you are looking for. Through just a few practical, conscious applications of what you have learned here will in very little time, become second nature and open doors of higher-consciousness that flood the subconscious with a more positive, redirection of thoughts. In short order, actual improvements and related changes will be visually observable to both you and those around you.

First and foremost acknowledge and thank yourself for reading this far as this is a testament of willpower and a desire to be a more awake human. We are all on this journey together so be easy with all of this and be easy on yourself. Avoid a mental self-beating that sometimes accompanies any threat to unwanted predisposed responses generated by the subconscious through the ego.

Remind yourself this whole process is not that complicated and some stubborn personal attributes you wish to modify will take time to permeate and alter your subconscious for the better. Just decide to willingly participate and begin the process. And not to be forgotten- that too is good as we have eternity to gain perfection!

About the Author:

Tim's writing expertise and intuition for understanding arcane, non-mainstream subject matter including esoteric topics begun at the age of 14. It is through his expansive career in finance which affords Tim a unique ability to apply a professional, down-to-earth approach when writing about the science of spirituality.

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