Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How Much Are You Worth?

If you had to put a value on your time, how much would it be?  How much are you worth per hour, per day, per month, per year?

Whatever you have written, I suggest you now multiply that by 10.  This new figure is probably a more accurate estimate of how much your time is really worth.  And that is simply what you should be valuing it at now, not what it could be in five or ten years' time.

Some people reading this will immediately get it.  Something will shift inside them and they will know I am right.  If you are one of those people, then great!  Now go out and use this new realization!

But many will be mystified.  They will hang on to the figure they originally stated.  If you are one of those people, let me ask you another question.  Have you tried using the "Law of Attraction" and found it didn't work for you?  Have you tried "manifesting" and found nothing you tried to manifest seemed to appear?  Let me tell you why.  You are grossly undervaluing yourself.  You are telling the Universe that you are only worth the figure you have just written down and do not deserve more than that - and the Universe is listening to you!

Many people will have written down the figure they earn as a "wage slave" - i.e. what their boss chooses to pay them.  Others who are self employed may have written down their average earnings, or perhaps if they are a little more optimistic they will have put something near the highest amount they have recently earned.  But these figures are not what you are worth.  They are not even close.  You are worth far more than this!  That is why I told you to multiply your stated figures by 10.  Even that is probably not the right figure, but it will be a lot closer!

Once you have done this exercise, how should you use it?  Well that will depend very much on your circumstances and on what you want to achieve.  In most cases it would probably not be a good idea to just march into the office of your boss and demand a tenfold increase in your salary!  Notice, though, I did say in most cases - in a few cases this might just be the impetus you need to branch out on your own, which is almost certainly what will have to happen if you demand such a large salary increase.  But simply being aware of your true worth (I mean the financial worth of your time, of course, as your real true worth cannot be measured in pounds or dollars) is a very good first step to creating greater wealth.  If you now start to use the "Law of Attraction" again you should find opportunities arise which result in more money coming your way.  Maybe not large sums initially, but Rome wasn't built in a day!

Knowing your true financial worth, begin to dream.  And let your dreams reflect that new worth.  You will find, bit by bit, this will make a big difference in your life.  A bigger difference than you probably expected when you first began reading this article.


  1. This is great. Many times people sell themselves short. I am happy to realize now that we are actually worth more than we think. Thanks for this.