Wednesday, 5 November 2014

There are more things in heaven and earth ...

Do you only believe in what you can see, hear, smell, taste or touch?  Or is it possible that some things exist which are not at all discernible to the five senses?

Hopefully you agree that not everything that exists can be detected by one of the five senses.

Electricity, for example.  Can you see it?  You can certainly see its effects, but you cannot see the electricity itself.  Can you hear it?  Sometimes you can hear a buzzing or crackling sound in the wires between the pylons, but it is not the electricity itself you are hearing, just its effects on the environment around it.  You can sometimes smell what you might refer to as an electric smell, but that is not the smell of electricity but of changes in the wires through which it is flowing.  Again, if you put electric wires on your tongue there will certainly be an effect, but you couldn't really describe that as the "taste of electricity".  The reality is that electricity is not directly detectable, but certainly we can observe the effects of its passage.  Someone who understands the effects caused by electricity can channel it, using its power in marvellous ways.

How about your mind?  Does it exist or are you mindless?  If it does exist, can you see it?  Not the images it creates in your head, but the mind itself?  Can you hear it?  Not the voices it creates in your head, but the mind that creates them?  Can you smell, taste, or touch your mind?  You can do none of these things, but does that mean your mind does not exist?  Certainly not!  Just like electricity, your mind, which cannot itself be detected (even though the brainwaves it creates can be measured), can be channelled by one who understands its effects, and such a person can use the power of the mind in marvellous ways.

Use this logic to explore concepts that maybe in the past you have refused to believe could be true.  I am not saying be gullible and believe everything you read and hear.  But I am saying keep a very open mind and explore.  Be prepared to have new experiences and learn new things.  Recognize that just because you have always accepted that certain things are true and others are false, that does not mean you have to continue to accept this.  And also, perhaps most importantly, accept that even the new understanding and beliefs you may gain as a result are not by any means the whole picture, and that if you continue this process many of those beliefs will change in the future.

If you take all this on board you will be ready for spiritual evolution, and you will find life in the future can be so much more exciting and fulfilling than it has ever been in the past.

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