Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Eliminating the Blocks to Success

"I don't have enough money to do it!"
"I don't have enough time to do it!"
"I never get the right opportunities!"
"I am not good enough!"
"I don't deserve it!"
"If I get what I want it won't make me happy anyway!"
"It is selfish for me to want that!"

Have you ever said or thought any of the above?  The chances are you have.  Perhaps without even noticing it.

These are just some of the many reasons we give our subconscious mind, and the Universe, not to deliver the things we want in life.  And when we give reasons like this, especially when we repeat them enough, both our subconscious mind and the Universe listen and act accordingly.

So we are constantly setting ourselves up to fail.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that so many people fail to achieve what they really want in life?  The reason is not because life is unfair - it is because life usually gives us what we ask for, and we are asking for all the wrong things.

Along with many others in the Personal Development arena I refer to these mental states as "blocks".  They are blocks preventing you achieving what you want to achieve.  The only way you can move forward and get what you really want is to eliminate those blocks.  Permanently.  Once and for all! 

This is easy to say, but not so easy to do.

The first step is to recognize what blocks you have.  Sometimes that is quite straightforward.  You may have recognized and identified with one of the above blocks already.  If so, great!  Knowing which blocks are preventing you moving forward is a very good first step.  In fact, it may even be all that is necessary.  Bringing these negative reactions out into the cold light of day may be enough for you to see them for what they are.  Mental vampires as they are, they cannot stand the sunlight and melt away when you expose them.

The next step, if the block does not immediately melt away, is to affirm the opposite.  If your block was "I don't have enough money to do it!", replace this with something along the lines of "The money I need to .... is flowing towards me, allowing me to succeed in my ambitions".  If it was "It is selfish for me to want that", think about all the good things you can achieve, helping others around you, once you have acquired whatever it is you want, and then write and use an affirmation to express that. 

Some blocks, though, are hidden deep within you.  These are much more difficult to remove.  You may believe you do not have such a negative reaction and never recognize it - but it is still there, hidden away from the light of cold logic, resisting all your attempts to succeed.  Meditating on your goal can be very helpful in unearthing these hidden blocks.

A really good way to find and eliminate hidden blocks is to use the services of a coach who specializes in this area.  One I have found who is excellent at this is Christie Marie Sheldon.  Christie runs free online energy clearing sessions which help with removing blocks.  You can check here for the next available free session:

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