Wednesday, 10 June 2015


How generous are you?

When I ask that question, what thoughts pop into your mind?  It is important for you to analyze this, as for many people the question exposes the main reason their attempts at using the Law of Attraction fail.

Typically, I find this question generates a negative feeling.  Even an annoyance that the question was asked.  If that is you, then dig deep and find out why you reacted that way.  Usually it is a sign that deep down you don't believe the universe is able to provide you with what you need.  You believe there is a limited supply of money or time and that therefore you cannot afford to give it away to anyone.  You have to hold tightly onto it to stop it flying away.  Such beliefs form an impenetrable barrier to the proper use of the Law of Attraction.  You are focussed on the fact that the universe cannot supply you with what you need, so guess what?  The universe won't supply it.  This is not a failure of the Law of Attraction but rather an example of the Law operating exactly in the way it should.  But it is certainly not the proper use of the Law of Attraction.  As for holding it tightly to stop it flying away, well that means you are focussed on it flying away.  Which it will.  At your command!

Or you may simply have answered the question by saying "no!" and then justifying the answer to yourself.  No annoyance at the question, but the same end result.  Exactly the same!

If this sounds like you, clearly you have some work to do so that you can use the Law of Attraction properly.  Recognizing the problem is the first step, and it is a big step.  Next you have to change your attitude, your thought processes.

My suggestion is that you begin simply by becoming more generous.  Even if you still feel some of the negative feelings when you try to be generous.  Recognize they are there, and analyze them later - bringing them out into the light can often destroy them as they are creatures of darkness.  But at the time, just continue offering that generosity regardless of the effect it has on you.  Over a period of time you will find the combination of acting generously and exposing unworthy thoughts and emotions to the light will change you for the good.

Once you acquire the habit of being generous you will find generosity being returned to you at least tenfold!  Not immediately, and probably not from the people to whom you have been generous.  But without a doubt you will find this happens.  Successful practitioners give generously with joy, knowing that not only are they helping the person receiving their generosity but also that they are banking a considerable investment in the universe which will be returned to them with a very high interest!

For those of my readers who are Christian or Jewish, there are several Old Testament verses that illustrate the point I am making.  To me, one of the most powerful is Proverbs 19:17 (which I have to admit I had forgotten before I wrote this article) :

"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done."

There is also the well-known quote from Ecclesiastes 11:1:

"Cast thy bread upon the waters, for you shall find it after many days."

In other words, be generous and kind to others, and at some point in the future you will find someone does the same to you.  Again, notice it is unlikely to be the same person.  Most Bible commentators interpret this verse as meaning you must do good without expecting any reward.  This is true, when you look at it in the narrow context of the relationship between you and the person you are helping, or in a limited time span between your good action and the reward you will receive.  But have no doubt - in the long term the universe will most certainly reward you.

I have quoted the Bible here, which will only have meaning for my Christian and Jewish readers, and I recognize many of my readers are neither Christian nor Jewish.  But I believe it would be difficult to find a religion that does not give the same message one way or another.  My Muslim readers will agree that generosity is so important in their religion that "Zakaat", or obligatory charity, is one of the five pillars of Islam.  There are countless quotes I could give, but here I give just one from the Quran (2:272):

"And whatever you spend of good - it will be repaid to you, and you will not be wronged"

Hindus and Buddhists believe in Karma, which is the same concept.  Sikhs do not believe in Karma as such, but the operation of Hukam.  The end result, though, is the same, and the Sri Guru Granth Sahib says:

"Whatever you plant you shall harvest."

Note well that generosity is not limited to giving money.  I have already mentioned generosity of time.  Generosity of spirit will encompass money, time, good deeds.  It is extending to others what we would want for ourselves.  The golden rule personified.  It is incumbent on us all to develop a generosity of spirit that will encompass far more than simply gifts of money.

Finally, let me ask the question again, but with one addition:

How generous are you to yourself?

Do not be stingy with yourself, as if you are this will then spread to the way you behave towards others.  Spend time on yourself - what we often call "me" time.  Reward yourself with treats.  Be generous with yourself.  The more you do this the easier you will find it is to be generous to others.

Generosity to both yourself and others shows your rejection of the concept that money, time, good deeds etc are limited.  They are limitless, and the sooner you recognize this through developing a natural generosity, the sooner you will find the Law of Attraction is freed to bring you what you really desire.


  1. Thank you for the nice article. I like the concept being generous to ourselves will help us become generous to others.

  2. I am glad you liked the article JD. It is something I believe passionately. And you are absolutely right that you must be generous to yourself too. :)

  3. That's really good, to realize and overcome the mindset of a penny saved is a penny earned. Remember that one, all the old people used to say that.

  4. Should we be generous to all beggars? Beggars like what we deserve our pity and give money to them? For now there are few people have taken advantage of the begging as a job that is very easy to earn money! There are some beggars like defects of his body, his legs look like a hunchback or disability, or sometimes there are some people who pretend to defect and there are also still looks young and healthy. When they were asked "Why did you become a beggar? You are young, healthy and energetic"? They are only a short answer, "it is difficult to find another job"! Whether by reason of defective limbs and difficult to find a job, they decided to become a beggar. Many of them deliberately doing it to arouse the conscience of others to cause a sense of pity, and between them have lost a sense of shame and neglect their own self-esteem. Here they try to test the conscience of others in order to feel sorry for them! Does the proverb: "Better to give the hook of the bait to them, whether it would still be beneficial to them"? Is it true that they are creatures of the dark side?

    1. Generosity is a state of mind and spirit. It is then up to you in what ways you find outlets for it. You may decide that giving to beggars is not an appropriate outlet, and if that is your decision it does not make you less generous. Or you may test the real neediness of a beggar - for example buying him a meal instead of giving him money. But certainly don't assume that being generous means you must be a "soft touch".

  5. Thank you for article Graham! As far I can remember ,I always try to help people if I see they really need it (money, food, even hug :-) ) Somehow never think about getting it back in some ways :-) Regards. Igor

    1. That is always the best way, Igor. But the Universe, or God, (whatever you prefer to think of it) will never forget and there will be rewards there someday for you.