Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What is Divination

What is divination?

The word "divination" conjures up different images for different people.  Perhaps you imagined someone staring at the entrails of a freshly slaughtered animal (yuck!).  Or looking at the tea leaves in the bottom of their cup.  A clairvoyant staring at a crystal ball.  Looking at a set of tarot cards they have drawn.  Or even performing a magic ritual, invoking spirits from another world to help them prophesy.

Divination can, of course, be any of the above but it is certainly not limited to those images or to anything like them.

We each have a precognitive ability.  We can each be a fortune teller in our own right if we set about it in the right way.

Each of the above techniques can be a valid means of focusing precognition, although personally I would hope messy entrails will not feature in anything you may try!

We all live in three worlds - past, present and future.  It is obvious to most of us that we live in the present, but how about the past and the future?  Do you ever reflect on memories of the past?  If so, while you are doing so you are living in the past.  You also plan for the future in many different ways, and while you are doing that planning to a degree you are living in the future.  Many of the things we do involve a prediction of the future.  For example, if you make yourself fresh and sweet and head out to the cinema, maybe you are predicting that you will meet your boyfriend or girlfriend there - based on the very logical reason that you have already arranged this meeting with them.  Yes, it has been prearranged, but that does not mean it is not still a prediction - nor that the prediction may prove not to materialize (for example, they may change their mind at the last minute).

This last example illustrates a very important fact you must always be aware of when practising divination - there is no absolute certainty about the future.  There are varying degrees of certainty, and your divination will touch on the more likely eventualities, but there is never an absolute certainty.  Apart from anything else, the free will of many individuals will impact on the final result, and the further in the future this may be the more this may cause a change in the result you have forseen.

Far too many people think there is something mystical about divination and prophecy, and that it is something only available to a practising clairvoyant (or, if they are sceptical, not available to anyone at all!).  There are certainly mystical techniques that can be used to focus your power of divination, but the divination itself is not at all mystical - precognition is a capacity we all have in varying degrees.

All future predictions are based on sensing the causes that lead to the event.  Some of these are very mundane and not at all surprising.  We look outside, see large black clouds, and predict there is a strong likelihood it will rain.  We are on our way to work, see a big traffic jam ahead, and predict we will probably arrive late.  These are both still predictions, and cannot be stated with absolute certainty (for example, the traffic may suddenly clear and we may find the rest of the journey is so smooth we arrive early!).  But there are other, much more subtle causes, which we can sense if we clear our mind and spirit to do so, and of which others around us are completely unaware.  It is the latter which are more recognized as the source of divination and prophecy, although the reality is all such causes are simply somewhere on a scale between obvious physical causes and completely hidden, occult causes.

In order to become aware of the myriad of causes of future events we must still our mind and spirit and allow it to become sensitive to them.  Some people find they can easily and naturally do this.  Others need props of various kinds - for example a crystal ball or a bowl of water, in which they begin to see images as they clear their mind and spirit.

Over the next few months I will write about different forms of divination, some of which you may not have realized were divination techniques at all.  For example, in a couple of weeks time you will read an article by me on astrology.  Whenever you study a new divination technique like this, always bear in mind the true basis, the sensitivity of your mind and spirit to the unseen influences that are all around us all the time.  View it in that way and you are much more likely to develop the ability naturally and fully.

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